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The Finishing Touches

IMG_7273IMG_7265Dress: DEX – Similar here  |  Bag: ModCloth  |  Boots: Report, Lulu’s 

In the final stretch of any project, when the major decisions have been made and the end is in sight, it’s the last little details that matter.  The same goes for picking an outfit.  You wake up in the morning, check the weather, see what’s on your calendar, and ask yourself how you’re feeling.  Then you use all that information and decide on an outfit that captures your mood.  Today I chose a light, loose, sheer sundress to accompany the beautiful weather and try to boost my positivity.  The dark tone and subtle floral print makes me feel feminine and somehow french.  Very Paris in spring.  French women are reputed for their sophistication and dignity, and I might need both to get through my day.  But now comes the finishing touches otherwise known as the accessories.  A colorblock, briefcase inspired bag to remind me that I am a professional and can put all my personal feeling aside.  Last, tan leather, peep toe ankle boots covered in an endless array of slashing cutouts.  Instead of classic pumps or strappy sandals, my shoes tend to be a little show of rebellion when wearing an otherwise simple or traditional outfit.  A girl has to let her frustration out somehow.


Surprisingly Comfortable

IMG_7315IMG_7318Top: DEX – Similar here  |  Jeans: Flying Monkey  |  Clutch: Lulu’s  |  Earrings: ModCloth   Booties: Report

Okay, yes, after a long week of hard work it’s tempting to take a break from everything, including your wardrobe.  And sure, the odds of running into someone who you want to impress are pretty slim.  But it does happen, so if you are going to go for comfortable and low key, make sure you still look your best.  A loose, plaid button down has an air of femininity when it includes purples and pinks in its design, and is worn over the contrast of tight, form fitting blue jeans.  Accessories are always where I take it up a notch, but make sure they still blend with the rest of your look.  Like these thick heeled, tan leather, peep toe booties covered in angled slash marks which have a chic yet tough appeal. This envelope clutch in mint is covered in tiny gold studs, both feminine and edgy.  And for a little bit of sweetness, these small, pink, stud earrings.  Look close enough and you’ll see that one side is an X the other an O.  Just a little bit of love and comfort  to carry around with you because you never know when you might need it.


Ep39-main3Ep39-main2Dress: Lulu’s – Similar here  |  Shoes: Report  |  Clutch: Katherine Kwei – Similar here

Some days you want to shake things up, break your routine, and take some chances.  You don’t have to have a reason, a restless feeling is reason enough!  I woke up in just such a mood this morning and decided to wear something I’ve never even considered wearing to the office before.  The daring combination of a short wrap skirt and a plunging pleated neckline all in one with this stretchy, fitted, sage green dress, the ultimate attention getter.  The clever wrap design gives the skirt more room to move in and the pleated sides help keep the V neck firmly in it’s place.  Paired with a small, silver clutch decorated with an intricate knot of fringe to add some flair and vegan leather, caged sandals in black to make the whole look more daytime appropriate.  You just know when you leave the house wearing this combo that your day will be anything but ordinary!


Business Casual

Ep33_main5Ep33_sub4           Jacket: McGinn  |  Top: Lulu’s  |  Jeans: Flying Monkey  |  Heels: Report, Lulu’s                Clutch: Katherine Kwei – Similar here

Some of the many upsides to working at a small, independent, boutique business is the intimacy and laid back atmosphere.  Still, you should never allow yourself to be too comfortable.  We are professionals after all!  That’s why my personal style at the office is usually a balanced mix of classic conservative and California casual.  Today’s outfit is the perfect example.  This beautiful mint blouse is silky and simple, with a scooped neckline that performs well underneath a blazer.  But once the jacket comes off the elbow length ruffled sleeves are fun and frilly, and when untucked the high low waistline adds a bit of flirtiness as well.  Paired with white skinny jeans and you are instantly ready for lunch on the beach.  Until then, I dress it up with a collarless tweed jacket that is not only tailored but has contrasting side panels that are extra slimming.  Even better the zipper front, faux leather trim, and studded hardware embellishments at the shoulders add a bit of attitude perfect for an evening out after work.  Black, thick strapped, buckled sandals and a sleek, black handbag with zippers along the sides serve to bring the look together.  Trust me, when you live in Southern California the last thing you want to do is drive home to change clothes, so versatility is key!