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In the Middle of It All

IMG_7209IMG_7220             Blouse: Lush  |  Shorts: McGinn  |  Vest: Everly – Similar here  |  Bag: Ollie & Nic              Necklace: Lulu’s  |  Heels: Bamboo

Harriet has definitely found her place here at Emma Approved! Seeing all her hard work and talent come to life last night, I think she finally realizes exactly what she is capable of. And like a girl scout, her motto is “be prepared”, even when getting dressed for the office. She starts with a draping white blouse that’s professional on its own but can also go with anything. Next she chose a vivid pair of loose, pink shorts that hang like a skirt but lets her move around freely. Then she tops it all off with a long waisted, blue, sleeveless vest that slims the figure and really pulls an outfit together. For accessories a floral, structured bag halfway between a briefcase and a purse, and chestnut brown heels with thick straps made from a series of smaller straps –  the same way Harriet can handle a whole lot of details that come together to make up a single event. But the best part is the jewelry, a bit of glamour in an otherwise casual outfit, with this blue rhinestone necklace. Harriet’s wardrobe, like Harriet herself, can adapt to every situation and work together in perfect compromise.

Pluck up the Courage

IMG_7277IMG_7274                Top: BLVD  |  Skirt: McGinn – Similar here  |  Bag: Orla Kiely – Similar here                          Shoes: Modcloth

Favor fortunes the brave, and we have to use a little bit of courage every day, whether it’s standing up for our ideas at work or wearing a daringly short skirt.  Harriet looks plucky, spunky, and full of pep in this adorable and colorful springtime assemble.  First, a seasonal staple with this abstract, artsy, almost-floral skirt.  A spectacular spectrum in shades of blue with splashes of coral, it’s perfectly coordinated with this retro, sleeveless, coral blouse.  This top certainly stands out from the ordinary, just like Harriet, with it’s bright white collar and prominently displayed front pocket.  Add to that pale pink moccasins decorated in tiny cutouts and a matching pink leather bag whose cutouts create a floral motif.  In this outfit Harriet really shows off how much she’s grown, learned, and all the thought she puts into planning.  All the while staying true to Harriet, perfect just the way she is.

Willing and Able

IMG_7312IMG_7302Dress: McGinn – Similar here  |  Purse: Lulu’s  |  Heels: Similar here

So… where to start? This is Caroline Lee.  She’s a friend of an old business associate of sorts.  Today she came in to discuss the possibility of having us, if we’re available, help her plan an event and while she was here she expressed admiration for my fashion blog.  Turns out she’s a fan.  She stumbled upon us while I was having my picture taken and showed such enthusiasm I couldn’t help but ask her to pose.  I do have to admit I love her fashion sense.  I think her boldness and confidence is evident in this form fitting, burgundy, cap sleeve dress.  She sets it off with effortlessly tasteful accessories such as this small , snakeskin textured, ivory purse and towering white pumps.  The final result is forthright and demands you stop whatever you are doing.  From what I can tell so far, the clothes are just the tip of the iceberg.


Business Casual

Ep33_main5Ep33_sub4           Jacket: McGinn  |  Top: Lulu’s  |  Jeans: Flying Monkey  |  Heels: Report, Lulu’s                Clutch: Katherine Kwei – Similar here

Some of the many upsides to working at a small, independent, boutique business is the intimacy and laid back atmosphere.  Still, you should never allow yourself to be too comfortable.  We are professionals after all!  That’s why my personal style at the office is usually a balanced mix of classic conservative and California casual.  Today’s outfit is the perfect example.  This beautiful mint blouse is silky and simple, with a scooped neckline that performs well underneath a blazer.  But once the jacket comes off the elbow length ruffled sleeves are fun and frilly, and when untucked the high low waistline adds a bit of flirtiness as well.  Paired with white skinny jeans and you are instantly ready for lunch on the beach.  Until then, I dress it up with a collarless tweed jacket that is not only tailored but has contrasting side panels that are extra slimming.  Even better the zipper front, faux leather trim, and studded hardware embellishments at the shoulders add a bit of attitude perfect for an evening out after work.  Black, thick strapped, buckled sandals and a sleek, black handbag with zippers along the sides serve to bring the look together.  Trust me, when you live in Southern California the last thing you want to do is drive home to change clothes, so versatility is key!

Rock & Roll

ep32_main (3)ep32_sub (2) Cardigan: McGinn  |  Blouse: Tildon  |  Shorts: McGinn – Similar here  |  Clutch: Lulu’s            Heels: Chase & Chloe, Lulu’s   

The term rock and roll used to mean being a musician and playing rock music, but it’s completely evolved.  Now we say rock and roll when we are ready to go for it, and we call someone a rock star whenever they’re bold and at their best.  So after a hectic and emotional couple of weeks, I definitely feel like a rock star today and dressed accordingly!  This draped white blouse might be elegant and office appropriate, but the amber sweater has some serious punk rock style. It’s completely covered with stud embellishments, with a concentration on the shoulders and down the arms, so every move you make draws attention.  Next up, tailored black shorts with a leather waistband.  The cut of these shorts manages to be dignified but still show some serious leg.  That leads all the attention down to the shoes so you better make sure they are stare-worthy!   I went with woven black and white strappy heels and a matching black and white woven clutch to bring the whole look together.  Today, I’m ready to take life by storm.  Let’s rock and roll!

A work of art

ep27_main (3) ep27_main (4)Dress: McGinn  |  Satchel: Modcloth  |  Heels: Charles by Charles David

My sister Izzy is in town visiting and that got me thinking about family.  The layers of history, the kind of intimacy that only comes from knowing someone since childhood mixed with the surprises of finding out who they’ve become as an adult.  If you’re as lucky as me and are still close to your siblings, then you know what I mean when I say that this relationship is a work of art.  A painting on a reused canvas.  A tapestry. A photograph capturing a moment in time that is different every time you look at it because you’re different, changing and growing.  So I had this in mind when getting dressed today and nothing was better for capturing my feelings than this slim fit, pink and blue confection of a dress.  The pastel palette of colors keeps it light and airy, the cut is elegant and professional, but the design reminds me of a Monet water lily or a van Gogh starscape.  It’s abstract and leaves a lot open to the imagination.  Pair with light colored, complimentary heels and a sturdy, industrious satchel in delicious mint.  Who knows what the day might hold and what it will mean!

Start from Scratch

Ep26_sub1Ep26_sub2Blouse: Darling – Similar here  |  Skirt: McGinn – Similar here   |  Tote: Lulu’s – Similar here

Harriet is finally back to work full time after a much needed break, and that means ditching the comfort clothes and dressing for the office.  When you experience an emotional upheaval that has you questioning what you want, sometimes its best to start by reminding yourself of who you are.  I know Harriet well enough by now that I can tell what she’s thinking by what she chooses to wear, and this outfit with all it’s sweetness and charm, is Harriet’s way of expressing how very young and innocent she’s feeling.  Starting with this sleeveless, pleated blouse in peach with a wide peter pan collar.  The collar is decorated in black overlay with an almost childlike design of floral cutouts, both eye catching and adorable. Next, because she’s so organized (best assistant ever!), she coordinates the collar with a black A line skirt with a rich, timeless damask print subtly woven throughout.  Lastly, she accessorizes simply and practically with a classic black tote big enough to carry around anything she might need throughout the day.  This is just one step, and one day soon Harriet will take another, until she’s ready to dress like the sophisticated, powerful woman I know she can be.

The Courage to Change

ep26_main (1)ep26_sub (2)Blazer: Lulu’s – Similar here |  Blouse: McGinn Similar here  |  Pants: Lush  |  Booties: Report   Purse: Lancaster Paris Similar here

If the first step in getting over a difficult time in your life is to dress happier, the next step is to take chances.  Change can be scary, and stepping out of your comfort zone difficult, so I like to start my day by choosing an eclectic mix of bold pieces that don’t seem to go together until you try them all on.  This adventurous look gives me the push I need to take chances, even if that means facing facts and admitting that change is needed.  Start with the loudest piece of the puzzle and build your outfit from there, like these tribal print cropped parachute pants.  The loose fit is pulled together with an elastic waist and matching cuffs, resulting in a look that hides your flaws but drapes beautifully.  The daring black and tan design is echoed by these striking cutout peep toe booties.  There’s something so wrong, yet so right about a boot that functions like a sandal, allowing you to enjoy winter fashions in warmer climates.  Next, add a splash of color with a silky teal blouse and structure with a slim cut, black blazer with vegan leather sleeves and padded shoulders.  Finally, add a small metallic bag to bring some shine and brilliance into your everyday.  Now you’re ready to go out there and face whatever comes next.