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Something Old, Something New…

ep8-mainep8-sub2Jacket: Hinge  |  Tee: Robbie & Nikki  |  Jeans: Jolt  |  Bag: Michael Kors  |  Heels: Aldo        Necklace: Love Kate  | Ring: Forever 21

Classic with a modern edge, what could be better in the workplace?  The classic tweed of this jacket says mature and sophisticated.  The modern details, like the faux leather trim and the cinched, flared waistline, are young and feminine.  It gives the impression of smart but with a healthy dose of attitude, and you’ll need both to succeed.  A tissue tee with chiffon trim in pale mint adds some sweetness to the look and makes you more approachable. Black bootcut jeans compliment the jacket and create the illusion of a suit, but can easily translate from day to night.  Finally, this over-sized, boxy leather tote is clearly an overachiever.  Big enough to be a briefcase, yet chic enough for an evening out – it can be used for any occasion.  Remember, in the workplace flexibility is key.

Animal Prints

ep3-main ep3-subSweater: Max & Mia  |  Jeans: Jolt  |  Necklace: Love, Kate  |  Bag: Rebecca Minkoff                 Blazer: Eliza J  |  Bow Ring: Forever 21  |  Heels: Aldo 

There’s just something about animal prints that makes a girl feel powerful, like she can take on the world.  At the same time an animal printed blazer can be a little overpowering for the workplace. Problem solved!  A simply patterned sweater in black and white, toned down with a black blazer, tells the world you are strong but in control.  Tight black jeans are flattering and necessary when you wear a loose top.  And if you have a lot of layers made from thick materials, you should always balance it out with smaller accessories.  A compact, thin strapped, structured black purse and a single gold cuff are the only additions to my everyday jewelry.  But the best part is after work.  Just remove the blazer and let your inner animal out! RAWR!


Pink Lady

ep2-main-web ep2-sub-webJacket: Mural   |  Shirt: Rails Similar Here  |  Jeans: Jolt   |  Necklace: Love, Kate         Bag: Katherine Kwei   |  Bow Ring: Forever 21  |  Shoes: BCBGeneration

Growing up I always wanted to be a Pink Lady, I mean who wouldn’t? And now I get my chance with this incredible “Tough Girl” Faux Leather Moto Jacket.  You can’t go classic 1950’s American without blue jeans but who says they’re only for your legs.  Changing it up with a soft blue denim button down, and because you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a jumper, unless of course you’re wearing a jumper, make the jeans black, for a more casual take on the black slacks.  Pair with complimentary black heels, a roomy black clutch, and add another “E” because you can never have enough Emma.