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Step 4: Make Amends

IMG_8547 Ep_68Top: Color Block  |  Skirt: Darling  |  Heels: ModCloth  |  Bag: Irene’s Story – Similar here

It’s not enough to apology for your past mistakes, you must learn from them and prove to the people you’ve wronged that it will be different from now on. This requires you to handle delicate situations with care, balance, and courage. So with that in mind, I chose this artsy, sleeveless blouse with a gorgeous, multi-color abstract pattern somewhere between a stain glass window and calligraphy. It suggests care, precision, and high-minded ideals. Paired with a sophisticated and bold red-orange pencil skirt for bravery, and black and tan, peep toe platform pumps for simplicity so that there are no more misunderstandings. Finally, a pure white structured backpack to carry all your good intentions.

Step 2: Don’t Think So Hard

IMG_8635 IMG_8647Pants: Volcom  |  Top: Color block – Similar here  |  Wedges: Lulu’s  |  Purse – Similar here

Next up for Harriet and her quest for a happy and fulfilling life (outlined by several different psychologists whose articles she found online) is taking a break from trying so hard. I think that’s a struggle for a lot of us ambitious over-achievers, and can apply to fashion as much as life. Hard work is admirable, but if you just relax, you might find that things work out for the best. That definitely applies to Harriet’s outfit today. These silken, woven, floral harem pants are feminine and hang beautifully but their best advantage is how comfortable they feel. Looking good doesn’t always have to be constraining or difficult. After that, with her talent for coordination, the rest of her outfit just naturally fell into place. An equally silky tank in matching pale pink, with lace around the collar and straps. Low heeled, two toned, strappy sandals that complement the light brown strap that decorates the front of her top. And a small, compact, beige and black purse that brings it all together. I’d say this experiment was a definite success.

Close Calling

Emma_ep55_main1Emma_ep55_second4  Top: Tildon – Similar here  |  Jacket: Color Block  |  Jeans: Flying Monkey  |  Purse: Lulu’s    Earrings: ModCloth  |  Heels: Similar here

Today I was thinking about friendship. Being close to someone means you know them at least as well as they know themselves, and you can make a reasonable assumption over what, or who, they might like. It’s also like belonging to a little club, where only those on the inside know how things work. Our office is like that. A small, intimate group who has been through a lot together, some of us even before this company started. That inspired me to reach for my version of a members only bomber jacket. With buttery, summery white, vegan leather sleeves and a body that is a woven rainbow tapestry. This jacket is basically a statement piece, and when making a point you don’t want anything to distract from what you’re trying to say. So I keep the rest pretty basic. A crisp white blouse, dark skinny jeans, neutral pumps, and an oversize matching white tote. All that white may look innocent, but don’t let it fool you. We decide who’s in or out.

All Work And No Play

Emma_ep52_main4 Emma_ep52_second1          Top: Color Block – Similar here  |  Shorts: see U soon  |  Booties: Mixx Shuz – Similar here           Earrings: ModCloth – Similar here

Sometimes it’s difficult to dress formally for the office, especially when it’s a beautifully bright and blisteringly hot summer’s day. And sometimes it’s hard to focus on the task at hand when you’d rather spend your time relaxing and getting to know your coworkers better. A great way to accomplish both is a casual and colorful ensemble that puts people at ease with it’s friendly and laid back vibe. Starting with this crisp and cool, breezy, coral blouse with short sleeves, a bell shaped curve, and black piping at the collar. It may have a high neckline but the back is completely open, help together with a black bow, guaranteed to keep you from overheating. Next I wear it over fitted, tribal patterned, black and white shorts that seem more dressy than a pair of cutoffs. Then throw on some strap-tastic black booties and I’m ready for both work AND play.