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Step 5: New Code and New Rules

IMG_8181 Ep_69                               Dress: Lulu’s – Similar here  |  Bag: Lulu’s  |  Heels: BCBGeneration                                                                                          Ring: Forever 21 – Similar here

Today’s lesson, stop rehashing the past and move forward with your new perspective and improved set of rules. And my new code of conduct includes being open, straightforward, and taking things as they are. That put me in the mood for this elegant and uncomplicated ivory dress with a full, swinging skirt and a simple black and lavender pattern. If you take a step back the print looks blue, and reminds me of a traditional porcelain pattern that gives the overall look a sense of refinement and dignity. Basic accessories includes matching black pumps and a white purse because I tend to over think things and that’s just one more habit to be broken. Eventually.

Step 3: Learn From Mistakes, Find a Mentor

Ep_67 IMG_8748 Dress: ModCloth |  Clutch: Similar here  |  Necklace: ModCloth  |  Heels: BCBGeneration

Onwards and upwards.  Next up on the recovery to-do list is to learn from past mistakes and seek advice from those that know better.  I’ve already taken a step in the right direction by beginning my round of apologies and trying to learn as much as I can from the wonderful Maddy Bates, the newest addition to our team.  But there’s still a few more stops on this part of the ride, and as always I’ve tried to dress for the occasion.  This proper and innocent, yet still fashionable, red plaid dress harkens back to the schoolgirl look.  I hope it can bestow on me the fresh slate of being young and the studious dignity of someone trying to learn.  Added to that black platform heels for confidence, a small black clutch, and this simple pendant necklace with two arrow shaped charms.  Like cupid sending love out into the world the small arrow for the person I have been, and the large one for the person I’m trying to be.

The Royal Treatment

E-Ep47-MainDress: ModCloth  |  Heels: BCBGeneration

This was definitely a night to remember but it also reminded me of something very important. No matter how people treat you, or what uncomfortable social position you are in, YOU are in charge of your own life. Queen of your castle and heroine of your own quest. So what better color for taking charge with regal grace then a deep purple evening gown, the color of royalty. No one can make you feel ignored with this spectacular yet subtle lace and sequin bodice. And you can never feel trapped, whether you are running around working or tearing up the dance floor, because beneath the gauzy, see thru, floor length skirt your slip actually stops at the knee. Paired with stately and elegant black pumps with a touch of metallic gold on the front, it’s the ideal gown for standing tall and taking charge.

Suit of Armor

ep31_main (1)ep31_sub Blazer: Eliza J  |  Top: Aryn K – Similar here  |  Pants: Flying Monkey  |  Pumps: BCBGeneration   Bag: Katherine Kwei – Similar here 

Sometimes walking out the door and facing what awaits you is hard.  We all have methods of coping, and fashion is a common one.  We wear red to feel brave, sweats to disappear, and suits to gain a sense of control.  And even though I maintain my usual fierce fashion sense even under the toughest conditions, there are subtle ways I prepare for harsh, emotional winds.  Starting with this gauzy, army green blouse.  It may be translucent and soft, but it’s defiant copper beaded placket down the front adds edge.  Then, I layer it with a sophisticated, single button, black blazer. When there are things to fix, be prepared to roll up your sleeves. And if your sleeves are ruched, you’re one step ahead.  Next, I pull both pieces together with a pair of sleek black trousers accented with gold zippers at each ankle and black platform pumps sporting a metallic toe.  Last, I accessorize with a large, structured bag that combines black and gold panels in equal measure.  The more coordinated my outfit (in color, texture, and tone), the more I believe everything will work itself out for the best.