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Party Planning: Guide to Baby Shower Games


As I was researching baby shower traditions, I realized that games are often a big part of the event. The surprise of the new baby lends itself to all sorts of activities that capitalize on the fact that we don’t know what this adorable little creature is going to look like or be like…or even exactly when he or she will arrive! Some people know exactly what to do when a roll of toilet paper is pulled out at a baby shower, but for those of us who are new to friends having children and the events that celebrate them, here’s a tip sheet on some of the games you may encounter.

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Party Planning: Cooking for a Fourth of July Barbecue


Happy Independence Day! Barbecues are one of the most common ways to celebrate the Fourth of July, as they offer endless options for families, groups of friends, offices, and communities to gather together to celebrate the U.S.A’s birthday. Backyards, public parks, on balconies and rooftops, and in a pinch – even a griddle over the stove will do the trick!  Plus, a barbecue can be one of the easiest events to host. There aren’t many rules, decorations are optional, and the only real requirement is the food. 

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Party Planning: How to Plan a Macrobiotic Meal


Hi everyone!

I’m Harriet, and as part of my new position as Event Coordinator Emma suggested I write today’s party planning blog.  I’ve never written a blog before, but I’ve helped with Emma’s and I  wrote a lot of essays in college. Emma told me just to make sure it’s in a conversational style, like I’m talking to a friend, so I just wanted to say hi and let you all know how excited I am to have so many new friends to talk to.

Right now we’re planning an engagement party and the couple requested a Macrobiotic menu.  I honestly wasn’t sure exactly what that entails so I had to do a lot of research on the subject.   It’s based on a concept of balance, and both more and less complicated than I originally understood. Then I thought, if I wasn’t sure what it was, I bet a lot of other people weren’t either.  Which is a shame because it’s pretty fascinating once you get started.  So here’s the basics on how to arrange a macrobiotic meal.

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Party Planning: How to Throw an Eco-friendly Event

Christmas place setting

Throwing an eco-friendly party doesn’t mean it has to be for an environmental cause or have a nature theme.  It just means when planning, keep in mind how the choices you make affect the planet.  With today’s awareness and the resources available there is absolutely no reason all parties aren’t green parties.

There are two common reasons people don’t go green when party planning.  Either they think it will be too complicated or they have an old fashioned image of green events as casual gatherings that resemble camping more than formal occasions. Happily, neither of these assumptions has to be true. With a few simple guidelines, every party can be an eco-friendly party, regardless of size, budget, or occasion.

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Party planning: Picking a holiday theme

retro-themed-holiday-partyImage from She Knows

Planning a holiday party, whether it’s for the office, family, or friends, is all about the theme.  And while “the holidays” is already a theme in itself, there are a variety of ways to approach it.  Will it be casual or sophisticated?  Old fashioned or modern?  Once you make this decision, the food, decorations, and activities will fall into place.  I decided to turn to my friends for inspiration, asking each of them to suggest a theme. Here’s what we came up with.

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Wedding Planning: Keeping Up Appearances

spadayImage from Intimate Weddings

Planning a wedding, a honeymoon, and a future all at the same time can take its toll.  You are overworked, stressed, sleep deprived, and your beauty regime has fallen apart.  Now of all times,  when you are determined to look your absolute best!  How we look impacts how we feel.  When you appear polished and put together you are more likely to act that way.  If you feel out of control over the little things in your life, every other problem or worry might seem insurmountable.  Well relax! This is suppose to be fun, remember?  You’re no good to anyone, especially yourself, if you fall apart.  So here are a few tips on how to survive your crazy schedule and still be able to look at yourself in the mirror.

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