Classical Music

Ep32_main2Ep32_sub3       Dress: Lulu’s  |  Belt: Ami Clubwear – Similar here  |  Heels: City Classified, Lulu’s                 Bag: ModCloth – Similar here

The complete opposite of my intense and passionate comeback is Harriet’s steady and consistent growth.  If I’m a blazing fire, Harriet is a warm spring day.  So when she heals and comes into her own it’s with all the dignity and calm of the beautiful music she loves to listen to and play.  I am so thrilled she’s found her way back to performing, or at least practicing.  She’s very talented and has so much potential.  I remember saying the same thing when we first met, but back then I was talking about her wardrobe.  And I was so right!  Just look at this graceful high collar, sleeveless, bright green dress.  Cutouts along the neckline make it modern and keep it from be stuffy, while the fabric simply flows along her figure, and the the shade is so full of life.  Add even more color with a vibrant orange belt with a bow shaped buckle, a dark blue studded and structured purse, and two toned strappy sandals.  The overall look is neat, organized, dignified and fun.   In other words, very Harriet.