Wedding Gift Ideas: The Gift of Love

lace gift table          Photo by Hugh Forte

There is nothing more exciting than two people finding their perfect match and vowing to be together forever.  Especially when they’re two people you know, respect, and care about.  A real life love story happening right before your eyes!  You can’t help but be excited to celebrate them, and the first chance you get is with your wedding gift.   You could always use the registry, but sometimes that seems a little impersonal.   Towels might be practical, but they are hardly romantic.  Maybe you want to add a personal gift as well – a little something extra on the side.  Do they enjoy cooking together? Are they wine connoisseurs or book lovers?  Do they already have everything you could think of?  It can be difficult finding a unique wedding gift, so here are a few ideas on how you can help celebrate their special day.

Something small

wedding certificate holder

Celebrate the day

Between the bride, the wedding planner, the professional photographer, and the wedding videographer, they’ve thought of every way to commemorate the event and capture the memories.  Or maybe not.  An engraved keepsake holder to hold their wedding certificate is a sweet and simple gift that can be displayed in their home for years to come.

honeymoon album

Celebrate what comes next

By now, they most likely have a wedding album, but not everyone has one for their honeymoon.  A honeymoon album, personalized with a photo of the couple or a map of their destination, is a great way to immortalize their first adventure as a married couple.  Or, instead of a book designed to hold photos, there are albums designed to hold honeymoon souvenirs.  More like a professional scrapbook, it can hold ticket stubs from activities, postcards from cities, and business cards from hotels and restaurants. With a honeymoon memory book, it will be easy for them to look back, tell the stories, and relive the moments.


Celebrate the timelessness of love

The greatest love stories ever told can be found in the written word.  Sometimes we relate to them, and sometimes we forget that our own stories are just as profound and meaningful.  Do you know which famous love stories or characters remind you of the soon-to-be-married couple?  Let them know you think their love is inspiring with a personalized classic novel.  Simply choose a book, exchange the names of the characters with the names of the couple, and get a professional printed copy to add to their library.  Haven’t we all dreamed of living out a classic novel?  Now here’s their chance.

Something big

experience gift

Love is an adventure

The wedding has been planned and scheduled down to the smallest detail, but the honeymoon is still open to adventure.  Add to the adventure by giving them an experience gift certificate, which can be used for events or activities around the world.  You can buy them a fancy dinner, a rainforest tour or a parasailing flight – no matter the destination.  You may even purchase certificates for portions of the cost, allowing you to go in on the gift with other friends or family.  They are starting a life together, and this gift encourages them to live that life to the fullest.

charity collections

Love is a gift

A perfect match also means that the couple has similar beliefs, morals, and priorities.  If you know a cause that they’re passionate in supporting, then a donation to charity will mean more to them then all the gift baskets and dishes in the world.  Make a donation in their name, and give them a gift that keeps on giving.  It allows them to enjoy all their other gifts without any guilt.

Couple's Massage

Love is a partner for life

Most wedding registries are full of gifts for the home, because after the wedding and honeymoon, coming home is the real start of their life together.  So make coming home a celebration!  Buy them a nice dinner, a couple’s massage, or theater tickets. All to be used once they return, all of which say that the adventures don’t end with the honeymoon.  It’s a new marriage, so the adventures are just beginning.

Find the perfect way to celebrate the people you love and their love for each other.   It’s the best part of life, and always Emma approved.