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Ask Knightley: How to work with people you don’t like


Emma asked me to write today’s blog, and suggested I talk about this subject in particular. According to Emma, I’ve been “lecturing” about it a lot lately and should “make myself useful” by writing it down since I seem to know so much about it.  Which wasn’t the worst suggestion in the world, no matter how she meant it, so here goes.

This is a conversation that comes up a lot and with good reason, given the many different ways it can apply. Some weeks you end up spending more time with coworkers than with your friends and family.  In order to build a team atmosphere, offices often arrange extracurricular activities to encourage employees to socialize.  And if any part of your job includes customer interaction, it’s always nicer helping people you genuinely like, isn’t it?

It’s easier if you care about your job and the business is of personal interest to you – then at least you have something in common with those you work with and for.  Or if you’re newer to the workplace and your job right now is really all about just paying the bills, you might bond over your desire to achieve more.  But the sad truth is that at some point on the job, you will be forced to deal with people you don’t like, and how you handle them can have a direct effect on your career.  Still, there are ways to get through it without being miserable.

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