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Wedding Gift Ideas: The Gift of Love

lace gift table          Photo by Hugh Forte

There is nothing more exciting than two people finding their perfect match and vowing to be together forever.  Especially when they’re two people you know, respect, and care about.  A real life love story happening right before your eyes!  You can’t help but be excited to celebrate them, and the first chance you get is with your wedding gift.   You could always use the registry, but sometimes that seems a little impersonal.   Towels might be practical, but they are hardly romantic.  Maybe you want to add a personal gift as well – a little something extra on the side.  Do they enjoy cooking together? Are they wine connoisseurs or book lovers?  Do they already have everything you could think of?  It can be difficult finding a unique wedding gift, so here are a few ideas on how you can help celebrate their special day. Continue reading

Wedding Planning: Keeping Up Appearances

spadayImage from Intimate Weddings

Planning a wedding, a honeymoon, and a future all at the same time can take its toll.  You are overworked, stressed, sleep deprived, and your beauty regime has fallen apart.  Now of all times,  when you are determined to look your absolute best!  How we look impacts how we feel.  When you appear polished and put together you are more likely to act that way.  If you feel out of control over the little things in your life, every other problem or worry might seem insurmountable.  Well relax! This is suppose to be fun, remember?  You’re no good to anyone, especially yourself, if you fall apart.  So here are a few tips on how to survive your crazy schedule and still be able to look at yourself in the mirror.

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Another One Bites The Dust

Angry_bridesmaidsImage from Kelly Remmtsen 

Here we go again.  Another friend of yours is getting married.  This makes how many in the last few years?  Are you happy for her? Of course you are. This is the happiest day of her life and you were there since the beginning.  Listening to her go on and on about the guy she just met, helping her decide what to wear on the first date, and mopping up the tears after the first big fight.  You’re happier than anybody that it all worked out.


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A Helping Hand

wedding planning Image from Bitchless Bride

The engagement photos have gone out, a date has been set, and wedding planning is in full swing.  This is a very exciting time!  However… you’re late with your deadline at work, you’ve cancelled on girl’s night twice, and gained ten pounds by stress eating.  This will be the most beautiful wedding in the history of weddings, as long as it doesn’t kill you first.  Don’t despair!  There’s a way to plan a wedding and still have a life.  It means asking for a little help and knowing who to ask. 

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Making Memories


So you’re getting married? Congratulations! I know you’re excited to start planning, but  hold on a minute.  Before you pick out the venue, theme, colors, or even invitations, you need to announce your engagement.  Let the world know that the man you love asked to spend the rest of his life with you, and you said yes.  Announcing the engagement means engagement photos.  What location will you choose, how will you dress, will there be an activity involved?  When you look at a couple’s engagement photos you see everything you need to know about them, like how in love they are.  My good friends Annie and Ryan are the perfect example. Their photos show how perfect they are for each another – it’s perfectly obvious.

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