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Step 2: Don’t Think So Hard

IMG_8635 IMG_8647Pants: Volcom  |  Top: Color block – Similar here  |  Wedges: Lulu’s  |  Purse – Similar here

Next up for Harriet and her quest for a happy and fulfilling life (outlined by several different psychologists whose articles she found online) is taking a break from trying so hard. I think that’s a struggle for a lot of us ambitious over-achievers, and can apply to fashion as much as life. Hard work is admirable, but if you just relax, you might find that things work out for the best. That definitely applies to Harriet’s outfit today. These silken, woven, floral harem pants are feminine and hang beautifully but their best advantage is how comfortable they feel. Looking good doesn’t always have to be constraining or difficult. After that, with her talent for coordination, the rest of her outfit just naturally fell into place. An equally silky tank in matching pale pink, with lace around the collar and straps. Low heeled, two toned, strappy sandals that complement the light brown strap that decorates the front of her top. And a small, compact, beige and black purse that brings it all together. I’d say this experiment was a definite success.

Broadway Baby

ep20-subep20-sub2Top: Volcom  |  Blazer: Ark & Co  |  Skirt: Lulu’s  |  Bag: katherine kwei  |  Ring: Kate Spade

Despite her usual modesty, Harriet has an inner starlet that longs for the bright lights of the stage. And while most of us, like Harriet, are satisfied sitting in the audience, once and a while your inner diva wants to make her presence known.  Start with color, a sure fire way to draw eyes and admiration even in the work place.  This woven magenta blazer maintains it’s professionalism but demands attention the minute you walk into a room.  Keep it casual and fun with a denim button up underneath and no one will ever mistake you for uptight.  Then show off those showgirl legs in a short skirt, but with a twist.  The layers on this black mini fold over like the petals of a flower and hide the fact that they are actually a pair of shorts!  So feel free to move around, even dance in your office, without any inconvenience.  Last but not least, a big, bright metallic bag tucked under one arm is like a personal marquee putting you in the spotlight.  No matter how unassuming and humble your nature, don’t shy away from showing off.  Whether it’s a potential job opportunity or a possible date, you never know who might be looking.