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Travel advice: How to have a fabulous vacation on a budget

Traveling around Thailand

Under normal circumstances I am not a budget kind of girl.  I prefer quality over quantity and think life is too short to settle for anything but the very best.  Thankfully, due to having the bestest dad ever, I’ve never had to even consider it.   Even when it comes to running a business, I prefer high profile clients who share the lifestyle to which I have become accustomed and can pay for my services accordingly.

But I am well aware that not everyone is as fortunate in their situations as I am.  My very own sister, who grew up with all the privileges I did, finds herself needing to constantly worry about how much things cost.  And if there is one thing I hate more than limiting yourself due to lack of resources, it’s denying yourself your dreams because you think you can’t afford them at all. Most people, including my business partner Alex, assume I know nothing about the way other people live (just as they assume I know nothing about sports).  Both are untrue.  After a recent conversation with my assistant and friend Harriet about how she didn’t think she could ever afford a fabulous vacation due to her entry level job and student loan payments, I realized how many people out there probably feel the same.  So here a few tips for traveling on a budget. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, so don’t let anything get in your way!

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Lifestyle Advice: Upgrade Your Life

upgrade your life                         Image from greyscalejason on Betype

No matter how good you think your life is, it can always be better.  You can always have more, be more and do more.  We constantly upgrade our televisions, phones and computers, but sometimes we forget to upgrade our lives.  If you don’t take control and push yourself, things will stay exactly the same.  It’s up to you to get your life moving and forward momentum is everything.  Start now, live your life as the person you want to be, the best possible version of yourself.  Live the life of your dreams.

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