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Life Advice: Healthy Ways to Recover When You’re Feeling Sad

Portrait of sad young girl with the big chocolate

We all know the cliché.  A sad, depressed girl sits alone in her apartment in the dark, unshowered, wearing sweatpants, eating a carton of ice cream while watching cheesy movies and listening to sad music that speaks to her soul.  And let’s not forget the constant bouts of sobbing.

 The worst part of this picture is that the cliche is pulled straight from reality.  At one time or another, most girls (and even some guys) have indulged in just this way.  Often, when life hands you a major disappointment the instinct is to close ranks, wallow and stop functioning until the pain passes.  As a culture, as friends, we encourage it.

“Whatever makes you feel better.”
“Take a load off.”
“Do what you have to.”

But this is the WRONG approach.

All the things people usually do to comfort themselves when life gets hard are, in fact, the exact opposite of what would actually make them truly feel better. Take a day or two away from the rest of the world to lick your wounds, but the longer you shut down, the more likely you are to stay down.

I recently went through some major setbacks that touched on many aspects of my life, creating a domino effect and causing me to question my career, my purpose in life and my qualifications for being anyone’s friend.  I’m not alone in this – turns out this kind of experience happens to all of us at least once.  But I’ve been in the business of making people’s lives better long enough to know that I needed some additional support, especially given that the situation was so unfamiliar to me. I spent a lot of time researching how to get better as quickly as possible.  Here are a few great tips on how to cheer yourself up when life has you down.

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Lifestyle Advice: Upgrade Your Life

upgrade your life                         Image from greyscalejason on Betype

No matter how good you think your life is, it can always be better.  You can always have more, be more and do more.  We constantly upgrade our televisions, phones and computers, but sometimes we forget to upgrade our lives.  If you don’t take control and push yourself, things will stay exactly the same.  It’s up to you to get your life moving and forward momentum is everything.  Start now, live your life as the person you want to be, the best possible version of yourself.  Live the life of your dreams.

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