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Perfectly Perfect

ep22-main2ep22-subDress: Tart collections Similar here  |  Bag: Lulu’s  |  Heels: Charles David – Similar here

There’s nothing like a bride coming back from her honeymoon.  The relaxed look, the beaming smile, and that glow that’s more than just a tan.  Annie never looks anything but perfectly put together, and her outfit, while appropriate for a California winter, still captures the feeling of a honeymoon in Greece.  A form fitting yet conservative dress with a high neckline, white color blocked shoulders, and a geometric pattern in varying shades of blue.  The texture looks like marble and the endless shades make me think of the ocean and sky.  To tone down the summer feel she added a very fall, very metropolitan, structured tote in black faux leather with a herringbone pattern and classic black pumps.  Annie is always an inspiration, her desserts are to die for,  her clothing always well chosen, but happiness is clearly the best accessory!

Time to Bloom

ep21-mainep21-sub Dress: Tart Collections – Similar here  |  Bag: katherine kwei  |  Booties: Sixtyseven, Lulu’s

When you’re dedicated to your career you spend a lot of time planting seeds and suggestions, and ideas and inspiration into the minds of others.  Hoping that one day, if you work hard and pay attention, those seeds will grow and everything will work out exactly as you imagined.  When that day comes, no matter the time of year, it feels like spring.  Celebrate with a gorgeous, feminine, fitted ensemble covered with an explosion of blooms.  When I think spring, I think sundress, with a fitted skirt or higher collar that can easily adapt to all seasons and be office appropriate.  The change from day to night is all in the accessories so to create a funky, daytime look try adding flashy boots and a two toned, dark, structured shoulder bag.  This dress can’t help but make you feel renewed and think of glorious, sunshine filled days to come.



Seriously Fashionable

ep6-main ep6-sub1 ep6-sub2Blazer: Tart Collections  |  Blouse: ASTR  |  Jeans: Flying Monkey  |  Bag: Vintage                      Bow Ring: Forever 21  |  Necklace: Vintage  |  Heels: ALDO

Let’s get serious people!  If earlier this week was a fantasy of spring, today it’s all about fall.  That means deeper, richer colors, higher necklines, and good old fashioned blue jeans. The feeling is studious and a little artsy.  Think back to school, libraries and museums. For inspiration this blazer in jewel toned shades of purple is patterned with paint brush strokes.  It reminds you to be creative and make the world your own!  Underneath is a lilac button back blouse with long cuffed sleeves and a structured, geometric cut.  Even when you remove your jacket, (which you will when the day starts off cool and then warms up), you maintain your professional look.  Add to that your favorite pair of blue jeans, (the darker the better), a vintage bag and a neat-as-a-pin updo.  Voila!  You’ll look ready to tackle any challenge life throws at you. Remember, no one will take you seriously if you don’t take yourself seriously first.