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Step 1: Express Gratitude

IMG_8207 Ep_72Dress: See U Soon | Heels: Lulu’s | Bag: Similar here

It was a long road getting here but it’s finally over! I’ve completed all the steps of recovery and now, inspired by Harriet’s journey, I’m going to try for a happy and fulfilling life. The first step is gratitude. I have so much to be thankful for, have so many wonderful people in my life, that it makes me feel free, simple, and easy. This outfit captures all that and more. A refreshing, light, crisp white dress with a halter top and a drawstring waist. Plus, what could be easier than jewelry already attached? This dress includes a colorful, beaded, statement necklace sewn into the collar. Isn’t it great when someone does the work for you? Paired with sturdy, tan, multi-strap sandals with gold buckles and a compact, dark blue, envelope clutch, it took me no time at all to get ready this morning. Which meant more time spent enjoying my day and all the wonderful things and people in it.

Full of Surprises

IMG_7890Top: see U soon – Similar here  |  Skirt: see U soon  |  Clutch: Lulu’s  |  Heels: Similar here

Well, well, well. What in the world has gotten into Jane today! I know short skirts and towering platform heels are sort of a staple around our office, but up until now Jane has always preferred loose, knee length dresses, jeans, and flats. Things have obviously changed! To be fair this outfit still posses a lot of Jane’s simplicity, comfort, and organized coordination. For instance this sheer lemon tank seems innocent enough until you match it with a short multi print skirt with matching yellow polka dots and take it in with a tie waist. Then she just had to wear it with black, platform, peep-toe pumps and yet another perfectly matching accessory with this black clutch covered in small, round, gold studs. When asked her why the change of heart, she just smiled and said she was in the mood. Personally, I think I’ve been a positive influence on her. Or at least on her wardrobe!

Devilish Details

IMG_7924IMG_7927Top: See U Soon – Similar here  |  Skirt: Lulu’s  |  Heels: Chelsea Crew, ModCloth 

Even with a million things to keep track of and a to-do list a mile long, I never forget to keep track of the details.  Because details can make all the difference, even in fashion  Starting with this fantastic, intricate blouse that combines a floral design and a delicate pattern of stripes tucked into a full, pink, pleated skirt.  If that wasn’t busy enough I added a complicated pair of colorblocked heels that combines different textures as well as patterns with a crimson leather front, a suede blue back, and a black and white woven heel. I know it might seem a bit overwhelming, but with planning and forethought you can make it all work together!



IMG_7578IMG_7595                 Dress: See u Soon  |  Necklace: ModCloth  |  Heels: Lulu’s – Similar here                 Purse: Lulu’s – Similar here

Having a wonderful date can make a girl feel extra lovely. Spending time with someone who really appreciates you, cares about you, and takes the time to make thoughtful gestures like bringing you flowers can give you an extra glow the day after. Yesterday I spent just such an afternoon with the most important man in the my life, and today I woke up feeling like all was right with the world. So I chose this elegant shift dress in a soothing mint green with an overlay of floral designed, lady like, white lace. Then I accentuated it even more with this sunburst styled bib necklace made of matching mint green stones and miniature beads. A pair of nude heels with thick ankle cuffs will keep you secure if you’re floating on air. Finally, add a bright, sunny, yellow and white envelope clutch and your day could just not get any brighter. A successful event, happy clients and friends, and time spent with someone you love as you can only love your father. I feel ready to take on the world!

Wild Ride

Emma_ep56_main1Emma_ep56_detail5                   Top: See U Soon  |  Skirt: See U Soon  |  Heels: Lulu’s  |Backpack: Irene’s Story – Similar here

I think I must be a little bit psychic.  I know everyone says that, but how else was I going to foresee a day full of crazy, mixed up emotions.  Running the full gauntlet from overflowing confidence through disappointment, then panic, confusion and ending with heart stopping good news!  All I knew was that I simply couldn’t decide what to wear and created an outfit that was a little bit of everything, which ended up perfectly suiting my day.  First, I couldn’t choose a color or a pattern. So I chose them all, starting with this light, color blocked top in yellow and white with dark blue sleeves, tucked into a black and white, tribal print skirt.  The loose blouse brought in by a cinched waist, which then flairs out into a belled shirt creates an hourglass figure that if flattering and fun to twirl around in. Then, if that didn’t prove how complex I am, I paired it with tall, tan, sandals made up of thick, crisscrossing straps. Last, I wondered to myself, what kind of bag should I carry? A tote, a briefcase, or a clutch? But when you don’t know what the day will bring we revert to the first lessons we’re taught. And a backpack, especially a sleek and sporty, bright white mini backpack, can handle everything that might come your way.

All Work And No Play

Emma_ep52_main4 Emma_ep52_second1          Top: Color Block – Similar here  |  Shorts: see U soon  |  Booties: Mixx Shuz – Similar here           Earrings: ModCloth – Similar here

Sometimes it’s difficult to dress formally for the office, especially when it’s a beautifully bright and blisteringly hot summer’s day. And sometimes it’s hard to focus on the task at hand when you’d rather spend your time relaxing and getting to know your coworkers better. A great way to accomplish both is a casual and colorful ensemble that puts people at ease with it’s friendly and laid back vibe. Starting with this crisp and cool, breezy, coral blouse with short sleeves, a bell shaped curve, and black piping at the collar. It may have a high neckline but the back is completely open, help together with a black bow, guaranteed to keep you from overheating. Next I wear it over fitted, tribal patterned, black and white shorts that seem more dressy than a pair of cutoffs. Then throw on some strap-tastic black booties and I’m ready for both work AND play.