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Pluck up the Courage

IMG_7277IMG_7274                Top: BLVD  |  Skirt: McGinn – Similar here  |  Bag: Orla Kiely – Similar here                          Shoes: Modcloth

Favor fortunes the brave, and we have to use a little bit of courage every day, whether it’s standing up for our ideas at work or wearing a daringly short skirt.  Harriet looks plucky, spunky, and full of pep in this adorable and colorful springtime assemble.  First, a seasonal staple with this abstract, artsy, almost-floral skirt.  A spectacular spectrum in shades of blue with splashes of coral, it’s perfectly coordinated with this retro, sleeveless, coral blouse.  This top certainly stands out from the ordinary, just like Harriet, with it’s bright white collar and prominently displayed front pocket.  Add to that pale pink moccasins decorated in tiny cutouts and a matching pink leather bag whose cutouts create a floral motif.  In this outfit Harriet really shows off how much she’s grown, learned, and all the thought she puts into planning.  All the while staying true to Harriet, perfect just the way she is.

Smooth Sailing

IMG_7172IMG_7185Top: ModCloth  |  Jeans: Lulu’s  |  Purse: Orla Kiely  |  Heels – Similar here

It can go either way.  This is Harriet’s first official job as event coordinator and although I have complete confidence in her, you can never predict the tides of change.  It might be calm, open waters or things could get a little rough.  But that’s okay too!  A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor, and new endeavors are all about honing your skills.  Harriet is definitely prepared, in more ways than one, starting with this wide open collar, breezy blue blouse covered in a pattern of serenely sailing schooners.  It’s simple, summery, and confidently says that today is just another day no matter what. This positive spirit continues with pale peach skinny jeans, and a boxy beige bag with intricate cutouts in a leafy design.  Finally, for a powerful boost, a pair of strappy, black platform pumps that will ensure you and your clients always see eye to eye.  Clearly Harriet’s not worried and neither am I.  We got this!