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Easy Going

Jo-FavIMG_7129Romper: Do & Be  |  Blazer: Lulu’s  |  Booties: Madden Girl  |  Purse: Katherine Kwei

Generally my wardrobe is a lot of things.  Professional, colorful, and bold just to name a few.  It is not, however, high maintenance and neither am I.  Particular?  Well yes.  Has an appreciation and preference for quality?  Definitely.  But all my choices, in life and when picking what to wear, are always pretty easy going.  For example this breezy, flowing, silky, pale peach romper.  Thin and lightweight, it feels freeing but is held together in the middle with sheer white lace .  That way everything stays in it’s place.  Topped with a multicolored, linen blazer against a background of soft gray to give it a professional yet casual tone.  And I definitely can take life in strides when walking in these killer cutout wedge booties.  Is it a boot?  Is it a sandal?  Why do you have to decide?  Finally, nothing is as loose as a purse covered in hanging fringe, in a matching palette of peach and cream, but with a series of knots along the bottom keeping it all secure.  See?  Simple, easy, and soft.  Unlike some some other people I know.

Comfort Zone

Ep25_main2 Ep25_sub1        Sweater: Gentle Fawn  |  Jeans: Flying Monkey  |   Boots: Madden Girl, Lulu’s    Purse: ModCloth  

Some people have it harder than others, and one person’s guilt and disappointment is another person’s heartache.  Harriet has been through a lot recently and I’m incredibly proud of how well she’s handling it.  She is a constant surprise and inspiration to me.  Any day now it will be time for her to pick out clothes that cheer her up and bring back her confidence, but for now it’s more about being comfortable and comforted.  That always starts with a well worn pair of stretch jeans, practically a second skin, and a super soft sweater that hugs you all day long.  But just because you’re feeling low doesn’t mean the world stops.  Most of us still have to work and attend social functions which means we still need to look presentable.  That’s why this sweater with it’s crochet details in a gorgeous rust orange is a great choice.  It still makes a statement but with little effort.  Contrary to popular opinion, shoes can be both practical and stylish, and these faux leather, buckled, ankle boots are the perfect example. The low heels, cushioned insoles, and side cutouts give you plenty of room.  Finally a solid, structured purse that converts from handbag to a crossbody in an easy-to-care-for dark blue faux leather.  Altogether a simple and dependable outfit, because Harriet has more important things to worry about.