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Feels Like Teen Spirit

IMG_7345IMG_7362               Top: DEX – Similar here  |  Skirt: YA  |  Necklace: Lulu’s  |  Booties: ModCloth              Clutch: Katherine Kwei

Something about work this week keeps reminding me of high school, and I have no idea why.  It’s a feeling I can’t shake and it’s definitely influencing my wardrobe decisions.  Plaids and pleats, both classic teenage staples, come together with this adorable black and white, knee length, full skirt. Then, for a splash of color, I add a bright red blouse with black piping at the neckline.  Black, white, and red are a traditionally powerful color combination and red means good luck in some cultures, something you can never get enough of in business.  Another part of being young is attitude and rebelling against tradition.  Like giving this blouse-skirt combo an avant-garde edge with black, peep toe, ankle boots with faux leather straps. Or this sharp, metallic, black and gold statement necklace.  And careless, frivolous fun never goes out of style with an elegant, snakeskin, black and gold clutch covered in rows of knotted fringe.  If feeling young means personal growth, experimenting, and rethinking who you are, then hopefully we all stay teenagers at heart.

Easy Going

Jo-FavIMG_7129Romper: Do & Be  |  Blazer: Lulu’s  |  Booties: Madden Girl  |  Purse: Katherine Kwei

Generally my wardrobe is a lot of things.  Professional, colorful, and bold just to name a few.  It is not, however, high maintenance and neither am I.  Particular?  Well yes.  Has an appreciation and preference for quality?  Definitely.  But all my choices, in life and when picking what to wear, are always pretty easy going.  For example this breezy, flowing, silky, pale peach romper.  Thin and lightweight, it feels freeing but is held together in the middle with sheer white lace .  That way everything stays in it’s place.  Topped with a multicolored, linen blazer against a background of soft gray to give it a professional yet casual tone.  And I definitely can take life in strides when walking in these killer cutout wedge booties.  Is it a boot?  Is it a sandal?  Why do you have to decide?  Finally, nothing is as loose as a purse covered in hanging fringe, in a matching palette of peach and cream, but with a series of knots along the bottom keeping it all secure.  See?  Simple, easy, and soft.  Unlike some some other people I know.

Graceful and Grateful

Ep40-main1 Ep40-main2         Blouse: Modcloth  |  Skirt: Mink Pink  |  Purse: Katherine Kwei – Similar here                    Sandals: Wild Diva Lounge  |  Earrings: Lulu’s  – Similar here

I can be one lucky girl.  When fate smiles on you and everything works out in your favor, it’s easy to feel calm, sweet and appreciative of the everyday.  So of course my eye was drawn to this pale pink, chiffon blouse with a cascade of ruffled sleeves.  Innocent and with a natural flow, wearing it makes it seem like life could always be this simple and elegant.  But since I’m not a little girl anymore a top this pure needs something bold and busy to balance it out.  So I wear it with a distinctive black and white, high low skirt, with a southwest print as complicated as my feelings always are.   After that it’s the usual back and forth, deciding who you want to be that day.  A pair of charming, white, vegan leather sandals with delicate lacy cutouts to match the top.  Then a brash and bright metallic tote to support the assertiveness of the skirt.  Finally, a compromise finds it’s way with my jewelry.  Detailed chandelier earrings that are too big to be ignored, but made up of pale stones in pink, cream and yellow to soften the effect.  Even when my feelings are strong, I’m always a complex woman with more sides than my wardrobe can handle!



Ep39-main3Ep39-main2Dress: Lulu’s – Similar here  |  Shoes: Report  |  Clutch: Katherine Kwei – Similar here

Some days you want to shake things up, break your routine, and take some chances.  You don’t have to have a reason, a restless feeling is reason enough!  I woke up in just such a mood this morning and decided to wear something I’ve never even considered wearing to the office before.  The daring combination of a short wrap skirt and a plunging pleated neckline all in one with this stretchy, fitted, sage green dress, the ultimate attention getter.  The clever wrap design gives the skirt more room to move in and the pleated sides help keep the V neck firmly in it’s place.  Paired with a small, silver clutch decorated with an intricate knot of fringe to add some flair and vegan leather, caged sandals in black to make the whole look more daytime appropriate.  You just know when you leave the house wearing this combo that your day will be anything but ordinary!


Open Ended

Ep36-mainEp36-sub1              Top: Aryn KSimilar here  |  Pants: Flying Monkey  |  Heels: Shoe Republic LA, Lulu’s                      Clutch: Katherine Kwei

Sometimes, despite your best intentions, you just don’t know how your day is going to go.  You can plan and schedule to your hearts content but you better be prepared if the unexpected bursts through your door and blindsides you.  So when you’re picking out what to wear be prepared for anything!  To start, I love the structure of a geometric pattern and the simple balance of black and white.  This short sleeved top is draping, light, and easy to move in if your day proves a bit more physical than originally intended, but the high low cut is slimming and hides all your flaws.  Best of all is the flirtatious open back in complete contrast to it’s otherwise conservative nature. Paired with slim black zippered slacks and and these amazing white buckled sandals.  The heel is relatively low, the style demure, but the oversize buckled straps just scream for attention.  Finally, a punch of color comes in this small, structured, brilliant rose clutch.  Balance, in fashion and life, is everything.  No matter how hard it is to keep your own!

Business Casual

Ep33_main5Ep33_sub4           Jacket: McGinn  |  Top: Lulu’s  |  Jeans: Flying Monkey  |  Heels: Report, Lulu’s                Clutch: Katherine Kwei – Similar here

Some of the many upsides to working at a small, independent, boutique business is the intimacy and laid back atmosphere.  Still, you should never allow yourself to be too comfortable.  We are professionals after all!  That’s why my personal style at the office is usually a balanced mix of classic conservative and California casual.  Today’s outfit is the perfect example.  This beautiful mint blouse is silky and simple, with a scooped neckline that performs well underneath a blazer.  But once the jacket comes off the elbow length ruffled sleeves are fun and frilly, and when untucked the high low waistline adds a bit of flirtiness as well.  Paired with white skinny jeans and you are instantly ready for lunch on the beach.  Until then, I dress it up with a collarless tweed jacket that is not only tailored but has contrasting side panels that are extra slimming.  Even better the zipper front, faux leather trim, and studded hardware embellishments at the shoulders add a bit of attitude perfect for an evening out after work.  Black, thick strapped, buckled sandals and a sleek, black handbag with zippers along the sides serve to bring the look together.  Trust me, when you live in Southern California the last thing you want to do is drive home to change clothes, so versatility is key!

Suit of Armor

ep31_main (1)ep31_sub Blazer: Eliza J  |  Top: Aryn K – Similar here  |  Pants: Flying Monkey  |  Pumps: BCBGeneration   Bag: Katherine Kwei – Similar here 

Sometimes walking out the door and facing what awaits you is hard.  We all have methods of coping, and fashion is a common one.  We wear red to feel brave, sweats to disappear, and suits to gain a sense of control.  And even though I maintain my usual fierce fashion sense even under the toughest conditions, there are subtle ways I prepare for harsh, emotional winds.  Starting with this gauzy, army green blouse.  It may be translucent and soft, but it’s defiant copper beaded placket down the front adds edge.  Then, I layer it with a sophisticated, single button, black blazer. When there are things to fix, be prepared to roll up your sleeves. And if your sleeves are ruched, you’re one step ahead.  Next, I pull both pieces together with a pair of sleek black trousers accented with gold zippers at each ankle and black platform pumps sporting a metallic toe.  Last, I accessorize with a large, structured bag that combines black and gold panels in equal measure.  The more coordinated my outfit (in color, texture, and tone), the more I believe everything will work itself out for the best.

More than meets the eye

Ep29_main1Ep29_sub2Top: Similar here  |  Jeans: Levi’s  |  Sneakers: Keds  |  Bag: Katherine Kwei   

I know my sister is busy.  She has two kids and a household to run and doesn’t always have time to think about her wardrobe.  She tends to go for jeans and sneakers with cute but comfortable tops, perfect for running around.  But the fashionable sister I grew up with is still in there somewhere as evidenced by her daring choices of oversized purses.  This was a particular favorite of mine.  A slouchy, bucket bag decorated with knotted fringe and inspired by the eternity knot.  Because good fashion sense, like family, is forever.

Rockin’ Holiday Style

ep22-mainep22-subRomper: Lush, Lulu’s  |  Clutch: katherine kwei  |  Heels: Aldo   |  Necklace: Stella & Dot

With the stress of the holidays and the holiday party season in full swing, the last thing you want to focus your energy on is a complicated outfit.  Say goodbye to multiple separates and hello to one-piece rompers!  It’s one of the most versatile pieces a woman can own – just throw that baby on and go.  Rock a romper in a bold color, like this vibrant teal.  Pleats come together at the waist for a unique, geometric appeal and shorts are attached below for added comfort.  For fringe lovers, add some punch to your look with a boho-luxe clutch in playful florals. All that’s left is a great pair of heels and your favorite accessories. For colder climates, layer with a chic blazer or leather jacket, tights, and low-rise boots for a cute and comfortable winter look.  Plan your holiday party, bring your loved ones together, style, smile, impress, and be ready to romp and roll this holiday season.



Time to Bloom

ep21-mainep21-sub Dress: Tart Collections – Similar here  |  Bag: katherine kwei  |  Booties: Sixtyseven, Lulu’s

When you’re dedicated to your career you spend a lot of time planting seeds and suggestions, and ideas and inspiration into the minds of others.  Hoping that one day, if you work hard and pay attention, those seeds will grow and everything will work out exactly as you imagined.  When that day comes, no matter the time of year, it feels like spring.  Celebrate with a gorgeous, feminine, fitted ensemble covered with an explosion of blooms.  When I think spring, I think sundress, with a fitted skirt or higher collar that can easily adapt to all seasons and be office appropriate.  The change from day to night is all in the accessories so to create a funky, daytime look try adding flashy boots and a two toned, dark, structured shoulder bag.  This dress can’t help but make you feel renewed and think of glorious, sunshine filled days to come.