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Full of Surprises

IMG_7890Top: see U soon – Similar here  |  Skirt: see U soon  |  Clutch: Lulu’s  |  Heels: Similar here

Well, well, well. What in the world has gotten into Jane today! I know short skirts and towering platform heels are sort of a staple around our office, but up until now Jane has always preferred loose, knee length dresses, jeans, and flats. Things have obviously changed! To be fair this outfit still posses a lot of Jane’s simplicity, comfort, and organized coordination. For instance this sheer lemon tank seems innocent enough until you match it with a short multi print skirt with matching yellow polka dots and take it in with a tie waist. Then she just had to wear it with black, platform, peep-toe pumps and yet another perfectly matching accessory with this black clutch covered in small, round, gold studs. When asked her why the change of heart, she just smiled and said she was in the mood. Personally, I think I’ve been a positive influence on her. Or at least on her wardrobe!

Party Planning: Cooking for a Fourth of July Barbecue


Happy Independence Day! Barbecues are one of the most common ways to celebrate the Fourth of July, as they offer endless options for families, groups of friends, offices, and communities to gather together to celebrate the U.S.A’s birthday. Backyards, public parks, on balconies and rooftops, and in a pinch – even a griddle over the stove will do the trick!  Plus, a barbecue can be one of the easiest events to host. There aren’t many rules, decorations are optional, and the only real requirement is the food. 

The simplicity and celebration of summer brings back so many childhood memories for all of us here at Emma Approved. Here are some suggestions from our team for your Fourth of July celebration feast. Continue reading

Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction Profiles

The big day is just around the corner! The Emma Approved Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction for Human Rights is taking place this weekend, and we have a very impressive lineup to choose from. Click through for a small sample of the lovely, talented and socially-conscious people who are donating their time in support of human rights.



Don’t forget: if you are unable to attend the auction, the Emma Approved team is also participating in an online fundraiser to support human rights organization 27 Million. It looks like Mr. Knightley is going to win our friendly competition by a landslide, but we still have from now through this weekend to aim for second place.

UPDATE: We regret to announce that Frank Churchill had to withdraw from the event due to unforeseen circumstances. He passes on his apologies and encourages people to support the rest of the team in the auction, or donate in his name in the online fundraiser.

A Class By Herself

Jane_Ep55_main2Jane_Ep55_second4Shirt: ModCloth  |  Jeans: Similar here  |  Shoes: ModCloth

Jane, the latest addition to our team, is an ideal worker. She’s fair, intelligent, dedicated, and proper. And by proper I mean polite, circumspect, and professional under all circumstances. No matter what. A personal style that is well represented in this outfit just as our new company is well represented by Jane herself. This classy and elegant taupe top is almost regal with its feminine and fluttery short sleeves and peplum hemline but held together with a core of strength by these black button accents and side tab details. Perfectly complimented by skinny black jeans and sophisticated, faux suede, black d’orsay flats. An outfit this together is both surprisingly simple and thoughtfully well balanced. But I think of it as Jane just being Jane.

Know It All

Jane_Ep52_main1 Jane_Ep52_second1 Dress: Freeway, ModCloth  |  Heels: Similar here

Jane must have gotten some inspiration from Harriet and her many theme printed dresses. But, like decorating her office, she found a way to make it completely her own. For example, Jane is highly educated and knows something about pretty much everything. She is also more than meets the eye because once you get to know her you realize how much you don’t know. Which is why this particular dress is so perfect for her. At first glance this dark blue wonder with a sweeping full skirt and cinched waist seems to be decorated with stars and constellations, making one think of the mysteries of the universe and our fates being written in the stars. But upon closer inspection it’s actually depicting a series of colorful, perching owls who are often used as symbols for wisdom and knowledge. Worn with basic, neutral heels that make sure nothing distracts your focus and this dress manages to say so much, and imply even more.

Support Human Rights with Emma Approved

Emma Approved’s new mission to better the world is off to an audacious start with our next high-profile fundraiser: a bachelor/bachelorette auction to support human rights. Four members of our team – Emma Woodhouse, Alex Knightley, Frank Churchill and Jane Fairfax – will be participating to raise money for advocacy group 27 Million, in partnership with El Pozo de Vida, in an effort to fight human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

If you can’t attend the benefit, there’s still a way you can help. We’ve set up an online fundraiser with Everyday Hero, where you can make donations in the name of your favorite Emma Approved team member. The person with the highest total at the end of June “wins,” but all donations go toward the same goal – helping 27 Million raise awareness and advocate for victims of human rights abuses.
Continue reading

Slowly But Surely

Jane_Ep51_main1Jane_Ep51_second3 Dress: Olive and Oak |  Necklace: ModCloth – Similar here |  Bag:  ModCloth  |  Heels: Lulu’s

Between Caroline (our former client), and myself Jane has heard enough lectures on fashion to last her a lifetime.  But we must be getting through to her because she seems to be coming around.  Or at least fighting less.  But her outfit today was a wonderful start!  A simple, sunny, super soft day dress with pale stripes in an optimistic yellow. Nude ankle strap heels and her favorite brown leather satchel add to the look without distracting, but nothing makes me prouder than her choice of a bold, turquoise and gold, braided, beaded statement necklace.  It’s way more decorative and daring then Jane tends to be, but as much as I would like to take the credit, I suspect her aunt’s influence.  Maddy has great taste in jewelry.