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The Mystery of What to Wear

ep19-mainep19-subep19-sub1Top: Aryn K  |  Skirt: Aryn K – Similar here  |  Clutch: Lulu’s  |  Necklace: Vintage – Similar here    Heels: C Label, Lulu’s 

Houndstooth instantly gives a classic feel to any outfit.  It also brings to mind Sherlock Holmes and old fashioned detectives which can be inspiring, because some days that’s just what you need to be.  Whether it’s solving the needs of your client, investigating a potential romance, or researching the perfect holiday gift, we’re all hunting for clues and chasing down suspects on a daily basis. Have fun with this eye-catching pattern and add contrast by wearing a separate top and skirt. Then add sexy, deep red heels more suited to a femme fatale.  A sharp, gold statement necklace cuts through the facade and makes a point, while a woman’s purse hides her secrets. Exaggerate the effect by carrying a hard case clutch in a sleek black or a tinted translucent. Either one will keep the contents of your bag away from prying eyes and will give a mysterious glow when hit by the light.  In work or in love, always keep them guessing.  Just because you know all their secrets, doesn’t mean they need to know yours.