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Happily Ever After

ep23-main2ep23-subDress: Ladakh, Lulu’s  |  Heels: Nine West   |  Clutch:  Lancaster Paris

If there’s anyone who deserves a happy ending this year it’s Annie, the kindest, most grateful, steadiest person I know.  So after a year full of surprises, hard work, and emotional confusion that’s exactly what she got.  A picture perfect, glowing future bursting with color and possibilities. What better way to celebrate then at the Emma Approved holiday party with her new husband on her arm and wearing this opulent brocade dress with a full, flirty skirt full of fun.  Jewel tones and golden accents take this dress from day to night, with a fitted bodice and bold black outlines that speak of a woman who is sure of her choices in life.  Shiny gold pumps add just enough shimmer, and the pink leather clutch is an eye catcher but doesn’t compete as a focal point since Annie knows what matters most and to not let anything get in the way.  A perfect end to a perfect year, and I’ve never seen her look happier.


Belle of The Ball

ep23-mainep23-subDress: Lulu’s  | Clutch: Lulu’s – Similar here  | Heels: My Delicious  |  Watch: Samsung Galaxy Gear                          

When deciding how to dress for a party I think about what mood I want to be in, what tone I want to set, what impression I want to give and what will help me accomplish all this is just one evening.  For our office holiday party, I wanted my outfit to express the stunning success we’ve had this past year so I knew I wanted to wear gold, the color of achievement and triumph.  I also choose black, the color of the hidden and unknown since there are still more surprises yet to come.  Put together in this beautiful cocktail dress, I found all I wanted and more.  The fabric is a subtle snake print which adds some bite, and it’s stretchy so you definitely dance in it.  Plus, it’s guaranteed to be flattering between the peplum accent fanning out from a fitted waist and the extra flexible scuba knit back.  Accentuate with a pair of sparkly gold dress sandals, a small evening clutch and a complementing accessory that will capture all the picture perfect moments.

Holiday Spirit

ep20-mainep20-subJacket: Under Skies  |  Shirt: Honey Punch  |  Pants: Lush   |  Clutch: Lulu’s – Similar here    Watch: Samsung Galaxy Gear  |  Shoes: My Delicious  |  Sunglasses: Retro Super Future

This is a time of year for reflection, generosity, and  believing in miracles.  Some of us celebrate with the giving of presents and some with the giving of opportunity and guidance, but there is one thing we can all agree on, it is a lot of work!  So get ready, get comfortable, and throw yourself into the holiday spirit while dressing for the part.

Start with a relaxed, lightweight pair of slacks in a bright and cheerful burgundy red, then pair with a super soft, draping knit blouse that’s easy to move in.  Even in warmer climates, the nights are chilly this time of year so be prepared with layers but don’t skimp on style.  Avoid the hoodies and try a jacket with a woven tapestry bodice and buttery suede sleeves.  It’s somewhere between a sweater and a blazer and is as cozy as curling up in front of a fire.  Not everyone gets to experience a white Christmas, some of us must prepare for surprisingly warm days by choosing a pair of agile strappy sandals, perfect for running around. Choose a small, compact clutch that’s durable and won’t get in the way as you work your way down that to do list.

Finally, fashion meets function with this Galaxy Gear watch in rose gold.  Having to pull out your phone every time you get a text, receive a calendar reminder, skip a song on your holiday playlist, or just to check the time can be terribly inconvenient.  As time consuming as constantly taking your Bluetooth in and out as you make important calls, and leaving it in all day is an eyesore The solution?  A smart watch that fits comfortably on your wrist, in a variety of colors, and is basically an extension of your phone or tablet, allowing you to get things done is half the time.  Who wouldn’t want the gift of extra time around the holidays?

A Holiday Angel

ep18-mainep18-sub1Top: Tart Collections – Similar here  |  Skirt: Tart Collections – Similar here  |  Heels: Lulu’s            Purse: ModCloth  |  Bow Ring: Kate Spade

When trying to make an impression, either at work or on a date, you have to know your strengths.  Use your wardrobe to enhance your best features.  Not just your long legs or beautiful smile, but your sweetness or patience.  That’s why this outfit is so flattering on Harriet; because she is truly angelic.  A holiday skirt in subtle gold or silver quietly celebrates while helping display your inner sparkle.  Fitted and flattering and just the right length to show off your legs while preserving your modesty.  A delicate white blouse in chiffon or linen with short, fluttering sleeves helps create an air of innocence.  Add pale high heels that are tall enough to make the most of your figure but subtle enough not to distract and simple jewelry.  Finally, pick a colorful, lady-like purse with pizzazz that can be tucked out of sight or brought out for effect just like your quick wit or dry sense of humor.  Perfect for a day at the office, dinner at a romantic cafe, or a holiday party.  Or all three in one day with just one outfit!  Now that would be heavenly.