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Step 5: New Code and New Rules

IMG_8181 Ep_69                               Dress: Lulu’s – Similar here  |  Bag: Lulu’s  |  Heels: BCBGeneration                                                                                          Ring: Forever 21 – Similar here

Today’s lesson, stop rehashing the past and move forward with your new perspective and improved set of rules. And my new code of conduct includes being open, straightforward, and taking things as they are. That put me in the mood for this elegant and uncomplicated ivory dress with a full, swinging skirt and a simple black and lavender pattern. If you take a step back the print looks blue, and reminds me of a traditional porcelain pattern that gives the overall look a sense of refinement and dignity. Basic accessories includes matching black pumps and a white purse because I tend to over think things and that’s just one more habit to be broken. Eventually.

Step 4: Nobody Puts Baby in The Corner

IMG_8533 IMG_8543Dress: Lulu’s  |  Purse: Forever 21  |  Heels: ModCloth

Harriet’s latest lesson, which she has struggled with in the past and finally conquered, is avoiding social comparisons. She has informed me that she finally realizes her own worth and no longer feels that she is unequal to anyone. That the only person who decides where she belongs is her. Which Harriet says she learned from me, and I can’t be anything but proud of that. On the heels of this declaration Harriet decided to dress more womanly, sophisticated, and confident than I’ve ever seen her dress before. A real showstopper in this fitted, stretch knit, coral dress with a notched, scooped neckline and cap sleeves. It makes a statement and says she now knows her own power and isn’t afraid of it. She really showcases it with her hair swept up in a bun and adds to it with black and white, checkered pumps that indicates a woman more complicated than she might otherwise appear. Last a structured, white handbag big enough to be a briefcase because this outfit is still for work after all.

Calm Before The Storm

UE7A6267 UE7A6280Dress: Darling  |  Clutch: Lulu’s – Similar here  |  Shoes: Lulu’s  |  Ring: Forever 21

The biggest event we’ve ever handled is only days away and all my time is spent triple checking last minute details. So in my current state of mind I choose this fitted, knee length, patterned blue dress with tulip capped sleeves. The inverted pleats above and below the waist, and the tie in the back, create an intricate origami that flatters any figure in a perfectly planned way. And it’s intricate busy-ness looks the way my hectic schedule feels. I’ve also been thinking hard about presentation and representation. Logos, color palettes, and any product you associate with become part of your public image. So I found myself drawn to this beautiful blue, almost stately, print that reminds me of the patterns on traditional club ties. Then I bring out the dashes of orange, and the complicated pattern, with a structured, coral, snakeskin handbag and intricate white, retro heels. I keep reminding myself that If I just focus, and prioritize, then everything will get done in time.

Secret Garden

IMG_7783 IMG_7800Dress: ModCloth  |  Booties: Lulu’s  |  Purse: Forever 21

No woman is an island. No matter how hard you try to handle everything by yourself, you will inevitably be affected by other people. Other people who might threaten to ruin everything you’ve worked so hard for. In moments like this it helps to escape to a happy place in your mind. Perhaps a soothing, breathtaking, deserted beach where everything is wonderful and no one can come along to take it all away. My inspiration for today’s particular daydream was this gorgeous, abundant, full skirted dress. With a cascade of pleats and a pattern of orange, pink, and purple tropical flowers it’s like a vacation waiting to happen. And speaking of secrets, the sash-tie waist creates a customized fitted look, but blends in so the effect seems effortless. With a pair of chestnut cutout booties and a large, bright white structured bagI’m more than ready to jump on a plane and escape this day. Not that I ever would. Of course not. Running away solves nothing. Still, it’s nice to dream!

Cheerful as a Daisy

Ep33_main2Ep33_sub1 Dress: ModCloth  |  Wedges: Bamboo  |  Ring: Forever 21  |  Bag: Irene’s Story – Similar here

Starting a music club and writing new songs has really lifted Harriet’s spirits!  She’s started humming around the office, and her outfit today was so bright and cheerful it was like staring into the sun. Happiness definitely looks good on her, and her mood was perfectly captured with this full skirted sun dress decorated in an abundance of abstract blooms and colors that seriously pop.  I also have the sneaking suspicion she’s picked up my habit of color coordinating with these navy-blue wedges with eye-catching teardrop cutouts. They match not only in shade but also in theme and are perfectly paired with a matching dark blue, boxy bag.  Add to that her sun-kissed blonde hair and just looking at her can instantly lift your spirits.  Then just wait until you hear her sing!


Rock & Roll

ep32_main (3)ep32_sub (2) Cardigan: McGinn  |  Blouse: Tildon  |  Shorts: McGinn – Similar here  |  Clutch: Lulu’s            Heels: Chase & Chloe, Lulu’s   

The term rock and roll used to mean being a musician and playing rock music, but it’s completely evolved.  Now we say rock and roll when we are ready to go for it, and we call someone a rock star whenever they’re bold and at their best.  So after a hectic and emotional couple of weeks, I definitely feel like a rock star today and dressed accordingly!  This draped white blouse might be elegant and office appropriate, but the amber sweater has some serious punk rock style. It’s completely covered with stud embellishments, with a concentration on the shoulders and down the arms, so every move you make draws attention.  Next up, tailored black shorts with a leather waistband.  The cut of these shorts manages to be dignified but still show some serious leg.  That leads all the attention down to the shoes so you better make sure they are stare-worthy!   I went with woven black and white strappy heels and a matching black and white woven clutch to bring the whole look together.  Today, I’m ready to take life by storm.  Let’s rock and roll!

Start from Scratch

Ep26_sub1Ep26_sub2Blouse: Darling – Similar here  |  Skirt: McGinn – Similar here   |  Tote: Lulu’s – Similar here

Harriet is finally back to work full time after a much needed break, and that means ditching the comfort clothes and dressing for the office.  When you experience an emotional upheaval that has you questioning what you want, sometimes its best to start by reminding yourself of who you are.  I know Harriet well enough by now that I can tell what she’s thinking by what she chooses to wear, and this outfit with all it’s sweetness and charm, is Harriet’s way of expressing how very young and innocent she’s feeling.  Starting with this sleeveless, pleated blouse in peach with a wide peter pan collar.  The collar is decorated in black overlay with an almost childlike design of floral cutouts, both eye catching and adorable. Next, because she’s so organized (best assistant ever!), she coordinates the collar with a black A line skirt with a rich, timeless damask print subtly woven throughout.  Lastly, she accessorizes simply and practically with a classic black tote big enough to carry around anything she might need throughout the day.  This is just one step, and one day soon Harriet will take another, until she’s ready to dress like the sophisticated, powerful woman I know she can be.

Politically Correct

ep17-subep17-sub2Dress: Honey Punch, Lulu’s  |  Clutch: katherine kwei  |  Heels: Mixx Shuz  |  Necklace: Love, Kate    Heart Ring: Forever 21

Growing up happens in stages.  Your first apartment, your first car, or your first time abroad. The same is true for your wardrobe with your first major piece of sophisticated fashion.  This, I’m proud to say, is Harriet’s.  A simple woven wrap dress in bright and optimistic blue.  It has a full skirt, cinched waist, and cuffed sleeves that always flatter. Best of all it’s reminiscent of one of the most famous dresses of our generation, Kate Middleton’s engagement dress.  What could be better to help bring a larger than life romance your way?  Pair with a metallic clutch, both large and bright enough to go from day to night, and an artsy yet innocent pair of heels.  These pumps, for instance, may be a soft and basic nude but the backs are wrapped in a delicate, art deco, gold cage.  A few pieces of quiet jewelry and you’re ready for anything, from a day at the office to dinner at the white house.


Something Old, Something New…

ep8-mainep8-sub2Jacket: Hinge  |  Tee: Robbie & Nikki  |  Jeans: Jolt  |  Bag: Michael Kors  |  Heels: Aldo        Necklace: Love Kate  | Ring: Forever 21

Classic with a modern edge, what could be better in the workplace?  The classic tweed of this jacket says mature and sophisticated.  The modern details, like the faux leather trim and the cinched, flared waistline, are young and feminine.  It gives the impression of smart but with a healthy dose of attitude, and you’ll need both to succeed.  A tissue tee with chiffon trim in pale mint adds some sweetness to the look and makes you more approachable. Black bootcut jeans compliment the jacket and create the illusion of a suit, but can easily translate from day to night.  Finally, this over-sized, boxy leather tote is clearly an overachiever.  Big enough to be a briefcase, yet chic enough for an evening out – it can be used for any occasion.  Remember, in the workplace flexibility is key.

Casual Friday

ep7-main ep7-subSweater: Remain  |  Jeans: Articles of society  |  Necklace: Love Kate  |  Ring: Forever 21    Heels: Aldo  |  iPhone case: Chevron

Time to relax!  Whether it’s casual Friday or popping into the office over the weekend, sometimes comfort is a priority.  But casual shouldn’t mean sloppy.  Instead of an ordinary sweatshirt, try this dressy and elegant knit sweater in pale blue.  The baroque inspired gold accents are almost regal, like something a queen would wear on her day off.  Or at the very least queen of the office!  Choose tailored, colored jeans instead of plain blue and your most comfortable, broken-in heels.  Even your cell should dress up a little, perhaps with this chrome and gold iphone case.  We all need to take a day off once and a while, but we should never take a break from looking our best