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Juggling Act

IMG_7545 IMG_7539           Top: Doe & Rae – Similar here  | Necklace: ModCloth  |  Purse: Irene’s Story – Similar here                 Jeans: Flying Monkey  |  Wedges: ModCloth  – Similar here

I know I’ve put a lot on Harriet’s shoulders lately. Finishing up our last event, helping with our current event, and planning another one practically on her own. She’s doing an incredible job, while staying immaculately organized. Sometimes I have to marvel at how she handles everything we throw at her with such effortless grace! She even manages to pull together the perfect wardrobe for her day. Like this bright-coral blouse with its won’t-get-in-your-way mid length sleeves. It drapes in a flattering way but is loose and comfortable when you’re running around all day.  Fitted jeans and sandy brown, faux suede wedges are great for running around and a large, dark blue, gold bead studded, structured bag can carry everything you need without getting weighed down.  But the best part is the jewelry.  Her choice of a multi colored, beaded necklace made up of dozens of tiny loops and bursting with colors of aqua, ruby-red, olive, and burnt-orange goes with anything and it’s busy-ness emphasizes how much Harriet has on her plate!




Close Calling

Emma_ep55_main1Emma_ep55_second4  Top: Tildon – Similar here  |  Jacket: Color Block  |  Jeans: Flying Monkey  |  Purse: Lulu’s    Earrings: ModCloth  |  Heels: Similar here

Today I was thinking about friendship. Being close to someone means you know them at least as well as they know themselves, and you can make a reasonable assumption over what, or who, they might like. It’s also like belonging to a little club, where only those on the inside know how things work. Our office is like that. A small, intimate group who has been through a lot together, some of us even before this company started. That inspired me to reach for my version of a members only bomber jacket. With buttery, summery white, vegan leather sleeves and a body that is a woven rainbow tapestry. This jacket is basically a statement piece, and when making a point you don’t want anything to distract from what you’re trying to say. So I keep the rest pretty basic. A crisp white blouse, dark skinny jeans, neutral pumps, and an oversize matching white tote. All that white may look innocent, but don’t let it fool you. We decide who’s in or out.

It’s Showtime

Emma_ep50_main2Emma_ep50_main6Blazer: Lumier – Similar here  |  Top: Lulu’s  |  Jeans: Flying Monkey   |  Sunglasses: BCBGSimilar here  |  Clutch: Urban Expressions – Similar here

Launching Emma Approved’s new business model by arranging our first post restructuring event? Check. Arrange a meeting with a prominent and stylish businessman about this new direction? Double check. Dressing with the appropriate amount of sophistication and bravado to seal the deal? Well, let’s see. Fitted dark blue jeans for a casual tone, and a long, loose hot pink blouse for an attention stealing burst of color. Classic wayfarer sunglasses for a touch of old Hollywood summertime style. A light, airy, cream clutch with petite laser cutouts that manages to be busy, orderly, and relaxingly simple all at once. So far so good, but what makes this outfit stand out from all the others I wear? A crisp, clean, sleeveless white blazer with a caped back for an operatic flair. Perfection. In this outfit, you command whatever room you’re in.

Surprisingly Comfortable

IMG_7315IMG_7318Top: DEX – Similar here  |  Jeans: Flying Monkey  |  Clutch: Lulu’s  |  Earrings: ModCloth   Booties: Report

Okay, yes, after a long week of hard work it’s tempting to take a break from everything, including your wardrobe.  And sure, the odds of running into someone who you want to impress are pretty slim.  But it does happen, so if you are going to go for comfortable and low key, make sure you still look your best.  A loose, plaid button down has an air of femininity when it includes purples and pinks in its design, and is worn over the contrast of tight, form fitting blue jeans.  Accessories are always where I take it up a notch, but make sure they still blend with the rest of your look.  Like these thick heeled, tan leather, peep toe booties covered in angled slash marks which have a chic yet tough appeal. This envelope clutch in mint is covered in tiny gold studs, both feminine and edgy.  And for a little bit of sweetness, these small, pink, stud earrings.  Look close enough and you’ll see that one side is an X the other an O.  Just a little bit of love and comfort  to carry around with you because you never know when you might need it.

Good and Ready

Ep37_main1Ep37_sub1Top: ModCloth  |  Jeans: Flying Monkey  | Purse: Ollie & Nic  |  Headband: American Apparel   Necklace: Love, Kate  |  Heels: Charles by Charles David

This week Harriet is on the move, juggling new responsibilities and tracking down everything we need in a high pressure, short on time, race to the finish!  So she can’t wear anything that isn’t flexible and adaptable to all situations.  A pair of fitted, dark skinny jeans and a peach and white zigzag peplum top creates a casual combination with a touch of class.  Because she doesn’t know what kind of events she might attend before the day is through, she dresses it all up with comfortable nude pumps and a mint and tan bag.  Made from cotton and faux leather, this handbag is a great mix of soft and sophisticated.  Lastly, a versatile plaid flannel headband holds back her long tresses and adds a touch of charm.  Who knows what today might bring, but whatever it is Harriet is ready, willing, and able.

Open Ended

Ep36-mainEp36-sub1              Top: Aryn KSimilar here  |  Pants: Flying Monkey  |  Heels: Shoe Republic LA, Lulu’s                      Clutch: Katherine Kwei

Sometimes, despite your best intentions, you just don’t know how your day is going to go.  You can plan and schedule to your hearts content but you better be prepared if the unexpected bursts through your door and blindsides you.  So when you’re picking out what to wear be prepared for anything!  To start, I love the structure of a geometric pattern and the simple balance of black and white.  This short sleeved top is draping, light, and easy to move in if your day proves a bit more physical than originally intended, but the high low cut is slimming and hides all your flaws.  Best of all is the flirtatious open back in complete contrast to it’s otherwise conservative nature. Paired with slim black zippered slacks and and these amazing white buckled sandals.  The heel is relatively low, the style demure, but the oversize buckled straps just scream for attention.  Finally, a punch of color comes in this small, structured, brilliant rose clutch.  Balance, in fashion and life, is everything.  No matter how hard it is to keep your own!

Business Casual

Ep33_main5Ep33_sub4           Jacket: McGinn  |  Top: Lulu’s  |  Jeans: Flying Monkey  |  Heels: Report, Lulu’s                Clutch: Katherine Kwei – Similar here

Some of the many upsides to working at a small, independent, boutique business is the intimacy and laid back atmosphere.  Still, you should never allow yourself to be too comfortable.  We are professionals after all!  That’s why my personal style at the office is usually a balanced mix of classic conservative and California casual.  Today’s outfit is the perfect example.  This beautiful mint blouse is silky and simple, with a scooped neckline that performs well underneath a blazer.  But once the jacket comes off the elbow length ruffled sleeves are fun and frilly, and when untucked the high low waistline adds a bit of flirtiness as well.  Paired with white skinny jeans and you are instantly ready for lunch on the beach.  Until then, I dress it up with a collarless tweed jacket that is not only tailored but has contrasting side panels that are extra slimming.  Even better the zipper front, faux leather trim, and studded hardware embellishments at the shoulders add a bit of attitude perfect for an evening out after work.  Black, thick strapped, buckled sandals and a sleek, black handbag with zippers along the sides serve to bring the look together.  Trust me, when you live in Southern California the last thing you want to do is drive home to change clothes, so versatility is key!

Back to Basics

ep28_mainep28_sub (2)         Top: Modcloth  |  Jeans: Flying monkey  |  Heels: Charles by Charles David              Sunglasses: Tommy Hilfiger  |  Purse: Lancaster Paris – Similar here

Being the youngest has its benefits when you’re growing up, but once you’re an adult it’s a constant struggle to be taken seriously.  And the person you have to convince the most is yourself!  Yet every time my big sister is around, I find myself suddenly acting and dressing like I did when we were kids.  I just can’t help it.  Business-y blazers and sophisticated shifts get pushed aside in favor of relaxed, stretchy blue jeans and adorable tops with a sweet and wholesome mien.  Like this scalloped lace peplum blouse with a sheer panel down the back that adds character and extra ease. Super comfy, super sweet.  Add to that my go-to, goes-with-everything, totally neutral heels, a pair of funky 80’s inspired sunglasses, and the side ponytail I wore all through middle school.  Top it off with a bright, shiny, show-stopping metallic bag because who doesn’t love the attention?


Comfort Zone

Ep25_main2 Ep25_sub1        Sweater: Gentle Fawn  |  Jeans: Flying Monkey  |   Boots: Madden Girl, Lulu’s    Purse: ModCloth  

Some people have it harder than others, and one person’s guilt and disappointment is another person’s heartache.  Harriet has been through a lot recently and I’m incredibly proud of how well she’s handling it.  She is a constant surprise and inspiration to me.  Any day now it will be time for her to pick out clothes that cheer her up and bring back her confidence, but for now it’s more about being comfortable and comforted.  That always starts with a well worn pair of stretch jeans, practically a second skin, and a super soft sweater that hugs you all day long.  But just because you’re feeling low doesn’t mean the world stops.  Most of us still have to work and attend social functions which means we still need to look presentable.  That’s why this sweater with it’s crochet details in a gorgeous rust orange is a great choice.  It still makes a statement but with little effort.  Contrary to popular opinion, shoes can be both practical and stylish, and these faux leather, buckled, ankle boots are the perfect example. The low heels, cushioned insoles, and side cutouts give you plenty of room.  Finally a solid, structured purse that converts from handbag to a crossbody in an easy-to-care-for dark blue faux leather.  Altogether a simple and dependable outfit, because Harriet has more important things to worry about.



Southwest Sunrise

ep13-sub1ep13-sub3Top: Darling  |  Jeans: Blank NYC, Lulu’s  |  Necklace: Stella & Dot  |  Bow Ring: Kate Spade     Bag: Irene’s Story

Harriet is one of the brightest, most enthusiastic, people I’ve ever met.  For her, every day is a new adventure with new possibilities ahead.  So it’s no wonder her outfit reminds me of the sunrise.  Starting with this adorable coral top with belled sleeves and ruffle detail, paired with bright blue skinny jeans. The southwestern accents like this Hematite bejeweled statement necklace, and gold beaded canvas satchel bring to mind desert flowers in need of rain and uncharted territory.  Which is so Harriet, but not for much longer.