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Easy Does It

Emma_ep51_main8Emma_ep51_main6Dress: Everly, Lulu’s  |  Clutch: Urban Expressions  |  Earrings: ModCloth

Some people act like dressing up and being fashionable is this huge effort.  Like it gets in the way of having a productive day.  But dressing up can often be so much simpler and easier than dealing with a long list of separates or wondering how formal an outfit should be.   For example, this simple and stunning, full skirted, blue dress with a flirty notched neckline.  It’s clean lines are flattering on a wide range of body types, and can easily go from day to night.  Add to that a cream colored clutch subtly decorated in tiny cutouts, and pale mint, opal stud earrings and getting ready to look your best is as easy as 1-2-3.  Literally.

In the Middle of It All

IMG_7209IMG_7220             Blouse: Lush  |  Shorts: McGinn  |  Vest: Everly – Similar here  |  Bag: Ollie & Nic              Necklace: Lulu’s  |  Heels: Bamboo

Harriet has definitely found her place here at Emma Approved! Seeing all her hard work and talent come to life last night, I think she finally realizes exactly what she is capable of. And like a girl scout, her motto is “be prepared”, even when getting dressed for the office. She starts with a draping white blouse that’s professional on its own but can also go with anything. Next she chose a vivid pair of loose, pink shorts that hang like a skirt but lets her move around freely. Then she tops it all off with a long waisted, blue, sleeveless vest that slims the figure and really pulls an outfit together. For accessories a floral, structured bag halfway between a briefcase and a purse, and chestnut brown heels with thick straps made from a series of smaller straps –  the same way Harriet can handle a whole lot of details that come together to make up a single event. But the best part is the jewelry, a bit of glamour in an otherwise casual outfit, with this blue rhinestone necklace. Harriet’s wardrobe, like Harriet herself, can adapt to every situation and work together in perfect compromise.

One of a Kind

IMG_7338E-Ep45-MainDress: Everly  |  Booties: Sixtyseven – Similar here  |  Purse: Lulu’s

Nobody is only one thing.  No matter what the media tells us there isn’t the smart girl, the pretty girl, the sweet girl or the funny girl.  There are only people, and every person is all of those things and more.  Personally, I might have sophisticated taste, excellent planning skills, and be forcefully ambitious but there are other sides to me too.  I can also be accommodating, silly, spontaneous, and go with the flow.  With that in mind, I love this sixties inspired, loose and free wheeling shift dress.  It’s lively green and yellow pattern is a treat for the eyes, and it’s silky soft, woven fabric breaks free from the confines of my more structured ensembles.  Paired with black, peep toe ankle booties this outfit lets people know you don’t always need to have rules.  Finally, a matching mint green clutch covered in tiny gold beads shows how complex you are, and how nobody really knows you unless they look closer at the details.