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Cold Comfort

Emma_ep53_main3Emma_ep53_detail2            Sweater: Colorblock – Similar here  |  Top: Esley – Similar here  |  Jeans: Similar here        Purse: Lancaster Paris  |  Heels: Lulu’s

Knowing you don’t know everything may be wise, but doesn’t always help when you feel out of the loop.  And when you feel left out, a cozy ensemble can help warm you against that cold shoulder someone’s giving you.  A light summer sweater with an edgy, multicolor, tribal print down the front, over a gorgeous coral blouse with an intricate lace collar is professional but with personality.  A comfortable pair of skinny jeans to be a bit more figure flattering, a subtly sweet pair of mint strappy sandals , and a shiny metallic handbag that reflects the world around you  completes the look.  Then maybe, just maybe, it will give the impression that you’re warm, friendly, and approachable.  Hey, it can’t hurt.