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Ask the Expert: Advice on Opening a Restaurant from Boltwood’s Brian Huston

I’m very excited that the news has broken that Chef Serle will be opening his own restaurant in Sanditon in the near future. One of my favorite things is connecting people who can help one another, so I hooked up Chef Serle with my friend Brian Huston, who is currently getting ready to open Boltwood, his new restaurant in Evanston, IL. Prior to Boltwood, Brian was the chef de cuisine at The Publican, one of the hottest restaurants on the Chicago dining scene. Opening his own restaurant has been a life-long dream for Huston, and now with Boltwood partners  John Kim (Brothers K Coffeehouse), Seth Kaplan and  Brady Huston, it’s finally about to happen! 

Boltwood, which will emphasize farm fresh local ingredients paired with adventurous flavors, aims to reflect the diverse, welcoming community of Evanston, which is also home to Northwestern University. Huston has described the food as, “New American, with a locally sourced menu that constantly changes.” The restaurant is currently scheduled to open its doors in June 2014.

Given Chef Brian’s experiences, I thought he might have some useful insights to pass along to Chef Serle.  And in the spirit of paying it forward, Chef Serle graciously offered to share with us excerpts of his conversation with Brian and Boltwood partner Seth Kaplan, an attorney and lifelong friend of Huston’s. It’s a great peek behind-the-scenes at what it really takes to open a restaurant. If it’s something you’ve ever thought about, this is an opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business!
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