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Good and Ready

Ep37_main1Ep37_sub1Top: ModCloth  |  Jeans: Flying Monkey  | Purse: Ollie & Nic  |  Headband: American Apparel   Necklace: Love, Kate  |  Heels: Charles by Charles David

This week Harriet is on the move, juggling new responsibilities and tracking down everything we need in a high pressure, short on time, race to the finish!  So she can’t wear anything that isn’t flexible and adaptable to all situations.  A pair of fitted, dark skinny jeans and a peach and white zigzag peplum top creates a casual combination with a touch of class.  Because she doesn’t know what kind of events she might attend before the day is through, she dresses it all up with comfortable nude pumps and a mint and tan bag.  Made from cotton and faux leather, this handbag is a great mix of soft and sophisticated.  Lastly, a versatile plaid flannel headband holds back her long tresses and adds a touch of charm.  Who knows what today might bring, but whatever it is Harriet is ready, willing, and able.

Dreaming of Summer Vacation

ep30_main (3)ep30_sub (1)Dress: Darling – Similar here  |  Purse: Modcloth  |  Pumps; Charles by Charles David

Spring is right around the corner and for various reasons I’ve had summer, travel, and fabulous vacations on my mind.  My recent holiday in Italy did me a world of good, and all around people are starting to plan their summer getaways.  So I couldn’t help but play the part in a bright, white sundress with a full and flirty skirt.  As delectable as spumoni and as light as rainbow sherbet, the coral and mint color-blocked panels add to the holiday feel and the little kid enthusiasm this outfit inspires in me.  Add a matching pastel purse that resembles luggage, comfortable and complimentary pumps, and I’m more than ready for a weekend away.

Back to Basics

ep28_mainep28_sub (2)         Top: Modcloth  |  Jeans: Flying monkey  |  Heels: Charles by Charles David              Sunglasses: Tommy Hilfiger  |  Purse: Lancaster Paris – Similar here

Being the youngest has its benefits when you’re growing up, but once you’re an adult it’s a constant struggle to be taken seriously.  And the person you have to convince the most is yourself!  Yet every time my big sister is around, I find myself suddenly acting and dressing like I did when we were kids.  I just can’t help it.  Business-y blazers and sophisticated shifts get pushed aside in favor of relaxed, stretchy blue jeans and adorable tops with a sweet and wholesome mien.  Like this scalloped lace peplum blouse with a sheer panel down the back that adds character and extra ease. Super comfy, super sweet.  Add to that my go-to, goes-with-everything, totally neutral heels, a pair of funky 80’s inspired sunglasses, and the side ponytail I wore all through middle school.  Top it off with a bright, shiny, show-stopping metallic bag because who doesn’t love the attention?


A work of art

ep27_main (3) ep27_main (4)Dress: McGinn  |  Satchel: Modcloth  |  Heels: Charles by Charles David

My sister Izzy is in town visiting and that got me thinking about family.  The layers of history, the kind of intimacy that only comes from knowing someone since childhood mixed with the surprises of finding out who they’ve become as an adult.  If you’re as lucky as me and are still close to your siblings, then you know what I mean when I say that this relationship is a work of art.  A painting on a reused canvas.  A tapestry. A photograph capturing a moment in time that is different every time you look at it because you’re different, changing and growing.  So I had this in mind when getting dressed today and nothing was better for capturing my feelings than this slim fit, pink and blue confection of a dress.  The pastel palette of colors keeps it light and airy, the cut is elegant and professional, but the design reminds me of a Monet water lily or a van Gogh starscape.  It’s abstract and leaves a lot open to the imagination.  Pair with light colored, complimentary heels and a sturdy, industrious satchel in delicious mint.  Who knows what the day might hold and what it will mean!

The Bright Side

ep25_main2ep25_sub Dress: ModCloth  |  Clutch: Vintage  |  Heels: Charles by Charles David

Everyone has bad days, even me, and one of the things that always cheers me up is what I’m wearing.  Bright colors, lightweight fabrics, and a loose yet flattering fit all work together to help lift my spirits.  Another trick is reminding yourself of all the things you’re grateful for, such as living in a warm climate, because it allows me to wear this fun and freeing chevron printed dress anytime I want (even in February).  Another method of recovering from life’s disappointments is to travel and I recently spent several weeks abroad in Italy.  One of the benefits of spending time in a place with so much history is that it reminds you how quickly time passes, how the failures in life fade away, but the things that are strong always survive.  The chevron pattern is actually centuries old and is frequently used in flags, uniforms, and on royal crests.  It is a symbol of power, and this great color contrast of pale pink and bold navy reminds me that we all have our soft and strong sides, and how beautifully they can coexist.  Keep accessories simple and stress free with nude heels and a basic white clutch.  A great outfit just makes getting out of bed and facing the day a little easier.

Perfectly Perfect

ep22-main2ep22-subDress: Tart collections Similar here  |  Bag: Lulu’s  |  Heels: Charles David – Similar here

There’s nothing like a bride coming back from her honeymoon.  The relaxed look, the beaming smile, and that glow that’s more than just a tan.  Annie never looks anything but perfectly put together, and her outfit, while appropriate for a California winter, still captures the feeling of a honeymoon in Greece.  A form fitting yet conservative dress with a high neckline, white color blocked shoulders, and a geometric pattern in varying shades of blue.  The texture looks like marble and the endless shades make me think of the ocean and sky.  To tone down the summer feel she added a very fall, very metropolitan, structured tote in black faux leather with a herringbone pattern and classic black pumps.  Annie is always an inspiration, her desserts are to die for,  her clothing always well chosen, but happiness is clearly the best accessory!

Lady Luck

Introducing the newly wed Mrs. Ryan Weston!  My very good friend Annie is always beautiful, with class and an elegant style that is true to her very soul.   To celebrate her natural loveliness and her brilliant new future I wanted to share some pieces from her current closet.  I may be the expert in dressing for the office, but Annie is the expert when it comes to embracing the one thing that can never be taught.  How to be a lady.

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