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It Happened Last Night

IMG_7239 IMG_7240Dress: Darling  |  Bag: Betsey Johnson  |  Necklace: Lulu’s

So it finally happened! Last night was Caroline’s engagement party and it was spectacular. Most brides-to-be would be home in bed, sleeping off all the excitement, but not Caroline. She not only managed to visit the office today, but look bright and fresh while doing it, an almost impossible feat. It almost makes it hard to like her. But here she is, sunny and feminine, in a green and white, full skirted, Jacquard dress with a bold, mint green statement necklace and an adorable, matching, mint designer bag with a large decorative bow. Not many women can always dress to impress, but Caroline clearly has an image to maintain and she does a fabulous job!

Sweet as Honey

IMG_7285IMG_7292Dress: Lulu’s  |  Purse: Valentino – Similar here  | Heels: Similar here

Springtime, flowers blooming, and bumble bees.  It’s all connected.  Caroline was really feeling the season in this vibrant dress with a bright yellow, sleeveless, collared top and black and white striped full skirt.  Seriously, it’s like staring into the sun, perfect for getting attention.  She paired it with black, velvet peep toe pumps (the traditional shoe of the femme fatale) and an eye catching, studded, zipper black clutch.  Only to be worn by those with confidence this outfit should come with a warning label.  Enjoy the warmth and flowers of the season but be careful you don’t get stung.

Girl’s Day In

IMG_7365IMG_7371Jeans: Similar here  |  Top: ModCloth  |  Clutch: Valentino – Similar here  |  Heels: Similar here

Caroline came by for another meeting today but it felt more like a girl’s afternoon hangout with talk of shopping, mutual acquaintances, and dating.  And her outfit definitely has that sunny afternoon, lunching on the terrace, relaxed vibe.  A pair of flattering, form-fitted, tailored jeans and a gorgeous white, floral, peplum top with a series of feminine, ruffled pleats down the front giving the impression of softness.  An impression immediately called into question with the addition of bright red, ankle strap heels that mimic her bright red lipstick and a leather, hard edged, metal-studded envelope clutch in matching blue.  Caroline can be a woman full of contradictions, and this outfit reminds me that every person has a lot of sides.

A Very Specific Woman

IMG_7147IMG_7153Top and Skirt: ModCloth  |  Necklace: Lulu’s  |  Purse: Betsey Johnson  |  Heels – Similar here

Our latest client, Caroline Lee, has proven to be a very determined and particular woman who knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it.  I also think this is pretty evident in the way she puts together an outfit, down to the last color-coordinated detail.  Today she started with a very posh set of matching separates.  I have to admit it’s clever, since wearing a patterned skirt and top has the uniformity of a dress, but allows for more flexibility with the fit, especially if you have curves. The pastel color blocking gives plenty of choices when accessorizing, and I have a feeling Caroline prefers to have a lot of options available to her.  This time around, she chose a shiny, gold and pink statement necklace, tall nude heels, and this uber feminine, designer mint purse. It’s beautifully structured with an optional strap, decorated with the whimsical charm of an oversize bow, and twinkling in the sunlight, due to tiny, gold stud accents.  And well, I have to admit, I sort of want one for myself.


Willing and Able

IMG_7312IMG_7302Dress: McGinn – Similar here  |  Purse: Lulu’s  |  Heels: Similar here

So… where to start? This is Caroline Lee.  She’s a friend of an old business associate of sorts.  Today she came in to discuss the possibility of having us, if we’re available, help her plan an event and while she was here she expressed admiration for my fashion blog.  Turns out she’s a fan.  She stumbled upon us while I was having my picture taken and showed such enthusiasm I couldn’t help but ask her to pose.  I do have to admit I love her fashion sense.  I think her boldness and confidence is evident in this form fitting, burgundy, cap sleeve dress.  She sets it off with effortlessly tasteful accessories such as this small , snakeskin textured, ivory purse and towering white pumps.  The final result is forthright and demands you stop whatever you are doing.  From what I can tell so far, the clothes are just the tip of the iceberg.