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Ask the Expert: Advice on Opening a Restaurant from Boltwood’s Brian Huston

I’m very excited that the news has broken that Chef Serle will be opening his own restaurant in Sanditon in the near future. One of my favorite things is connecting people who can help one another, so I hooked up Chef Serle with my friend Brian Huston, who is currently getting ready to open Boltwood, his new restaurant in Evanston, IL. Prior to Boltwood, Brian was the chef de cuisine at The Publican, one of the hottest restaurants on the Chicago dining scene. Opening his own restaurant has been a life-long dream for Huston, and now with Boltwood partners  John Kim (Brothers K Coffeehouse), Seth Kaplan and  Brady Huston, it’s finally about to happen! 

Boltwood, which will emphasize farm fresh local ingredients paired with adventurous flavors, aims to reflect the diverse, welcoming community of Evanston, which is also home to Northwestern University. Huston has described the food as, “New American, with a locally sourced menu that constantly changes.” The restaurant is currently scheduled to open its doors in June 2014.

Given Chef Brian’s experiences, I thought he might have some useful insights to pass along to Chef Serle.  And in the spirit of paying it forward, Chef Serle graciously offered to share with us excerpts of his conversation with Brian and Boltwood partner Seth Kaplan, an attorney and lifelong friend of Huston’s. It’s a great peek behind-the-scenes at what it really takes to open a restaurant. If it’s something you’ve ever thought about, this is an opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business!
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Career Advice: How to Work with Nonprofit Organizations

Betsy-UhrmanWhen making a change in your life, one of the things I often suggest is reaching out to experts in your chosen field for guidance. Here at Highbury, we try to follow our own advice whenever possible – after all, how can I ask you to trust me if I’m not myself willing to do the things I ask you to do!

As we continue to prime the company to shift its focus to working with nonprofit organizations, Harriet was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to sit down with Betsy Uhrman, Senior Consultant at NPO Solutions. Ms. Uhrman has given us some fantastic insights into working with nonprofit organizations – this interview is a must read for anyone who is thinking about or already doing so! And for those of you just beginning your careers, she’s also got some good food for thought on how to get started and what you might expect once you go to work.

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Life Advice: Seeing the Bigger Picture

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A couple of months ago, I wrote a post about “Getting Unstuck,” in which I talked about taking the time to get in touch with what truly matters to you and then making sure that your goals are aligned with these deeper values. I wouldn’t be a very good lifestyle professional if I couldn’t follow my own advice.

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Life Advice: When the Cost of Success is Too High

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As you all know, I’m a big believer in going after what you want. You deserve to be the best you can be, and you should do whatever you can to make that possible. However, sometimes when pursuing your goals, one can go too far and cause damage to others in the process. Or damage to yourself. How do you know when you have crossed a line? How far is too far?

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Ask Knightley: How to work with people you don’t like


Emma asked me to write today’s blog, and suggested I talk about this subject in particular. According to Emma, I’ve been “lecturing” about it a lot lately and should “make myself useful” by writing it down since I seem to know so much about it.  Which wasn’t the worst suggestion in the world, no matter how she meant it, so here goes.

This is a conversation that comes up a lot and with good reason, given the many different ways it can apply. Some weeks you end up spending more time with coworkers than with your friends and family.  In order to build a team atmosphere, offices often arrange extracurricular activities to encourage employees to socialize.  And if any part of your job includes customer interaction, it’s always nicer helping people you genuinely like, isn’t it?

It’s easier if you care about your job and the business is of personal interest to you – then at least you have something in common with those you work with and for.  Or if you’re newer to the workplace and your job right now is really all about just paying the bills, you might bond over your desire to achieve more.  But the sad truth is that at some point on the job, you will be forced to deal with people you don’t like, and how you handle them can have a direct effect on your career.  Still, there are ways to get through it without being miserable.

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Career Advice: Tips for Winning New Clients

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For those with an entrepreneurial bent, finding and solidifying new clients is an ongoing part of the business. No matter how busy an assignment may be keeping you, you always need to remain in “marketing” mode so that when your current project ends, you’ve got the next one lined up. Ideally, one success should lead to another, but if you’re just starting out (or starting out on your own for the first time after years of working for someone else), connecting the dots can take some practice. Here are a few things to keep in mind to help you seal the deal.

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Career Advice: Finding and Working with Mentors

Close up view of two women shaking hands outdoorsOne of the things I really love about my work is seeing people succeed. No matter what stage of career you’re at, a mentor is something everyone can use when trying to take that next leap in potential. If you’re just starting out, a little guidance can help set you in the right direction and smooth the path to success. If you are further along in your career, a mentor can help you navigate the more complex choices that come up when you find yourself responsible not just for your own future, but for those of your employees and your company as a whole. Here are a few things to think about when finding a mentor.

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Career Advice: It’s Never Too Late To Start

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One of the most challenging things about embarking on the road to success can be the feeling that you’ve missed your chance. That you’re too late to the party. That you’re too old. But you are the only person who can permanently shut the window of opportunity. As long as you are willing to take a chance and put yourself out there, it’s never too late to pursue your dreams. Here are a few things to think about when setting out on the road to reinvention.

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He Said / She Said: Alex vs Emma

SheSaid_HeSaidHere at the Highbury Partners Lifestyle Group, we believe that everyone’s input is important. A good idea can come from anyone, regardless of title or experience. However, that doesn’t mean that we all always agree on how to get things done. Although Alex and I both have the best interests of the company at heart, we often disagree about the most effective route to success. Therefore, we thought we’d give you each of our perspectives on some of the career and life topics we often cover on our blog. We each came up with two questions, and you’ll find all four of our answers below. Enjoy!

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Career advice: Know your own worth

Image courtesy of levo.com

Achieving your dreams and working towards your goals is a lifelong pursuit.  It can be much harder than you assumed, and it’s natural to feel impatient or stuck at times.  But the worst thing you can do is give up or settle.  It may be about the journey, not the destination, but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying to get where you want to be.

Some of the most common reasons people settle for less than they deserve include a tendency to feel overly grateful for opportunities (especially since the recession), wanting to be appreciative of what they have instead of complaining about what they don’t, and judging themselves on their mistakes instead of their accomplishments.  All of these habits are part of trying to be a better person, but if taken too far, they turn into unhealthy behavior.  Unfortunately, women have been shown to be prone to succumbing to some of these habits.  Studies show women still make significantly less than men, and a huge reason behind this inequity is their avoidance of negotiating.  Of standing up and saying, “This is what I can do and you’re lucky to have me.”  They don’t know what they are worth and wait for someone to come along and tell them.

The most damaging thing you can do is doubt yourself.  To assume you haven’t gotten what you wanted because you are not worthy and never can or will be. You stop seeing yourself and your own value clearly. But success is based on many factors, including timing and luck. Here are a few tips on knowing your own worth in the workplace, and realizing how much you have to offer the world.

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