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Career Advice: How to Manage Personal Drama at Work


Hi everyone! Emma is extremely busy after the grand opening of Boxx Restaurant, so I’ll be covering her blog posts for a little while.

Today I thought I’d write about how to stay focused in the office when the people around you are dealing with personal issues. As much as we try to stay professional, we’re all human, and sooner or later a situation like relationship troubles or family tragedy will get in the way of someone’s ability to work. Even though it’s not intentional, it can be hard on the people who have to cover for them. Here are a few tips I’ve learned on how to be a supportive coworker and still take care of yourself.

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Career Advice: How to Keep Work and Personal Separate

work life balance

“It’s not personal, it’s business” is a memorable quote from the classic Meg Ryan film “You’ve Got Mail”. A film that captures the very real problem of when, and how, to separate your personal feelings from your business decisions. How do you stay true to your relationships but still be practical and ambitious in your career? If you want to succeed in your chosen field, you can’t always allow emotions to get in your way. It’s a business, with goals, and everything else falls into two categories. Things that help you achieve those goals and things that don’t. Separating your career and your personal life can be extremely sticky, and unfortunately there will be times when you have to preference one of the other. Which you choose in each instance is entirely up to you, but  you can’t, and shouldn’t, feel guilty in those times. Here’s a list containing some of the most common situations where personal life and career intersect, and how to handle them.

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Life and Career Advice: How to Negotiate and Compromise


Regardless of how much we plan and organize, sometimes life throws things our way that we have no control over. And when those things are in direct opposition to the goals we are trying to accomplish, the ability to negotiate a compromise is a valuable skill. Here are a few thoughts on finding common ground that can be applied to both your professional and personal life.

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Career Advice: How to Delegate Effectively

Woman with lots of reminder notes

Perfectionists like me want to think that we can handle it all. Trusting others with our work can be difficult, as we pride ourselves on our ability to get it done the way it should be done. After all, multi-tasking is the mark of genius, right? But part of being effective is learning when and how to pass along work that others can do just as well as, if not even better, than we can do ourselves. This applies to both the workplace and school projects. If the word “delegate” causes a cold, hard knot in the pit of your stomach, here are a few thoughts on how you can warm up to the process.

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Open Communication


With all the excitement and intrigue swirling around the office lately, I thought open communication in the workplace would be the perfect subject for this week’s blog post. I was all ready to get started, but then my dear friend Mr. Knightley insisted on taking over. Way to show initiative, Alex!

– Emma

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Career Advice: Dealing with Changing Office Dynamics

3d small people - reliable team

You’ve found the perfect job. You adore your co-workers. You’ve finally navigated the journey from Student to Professional. And then someone new joins the team, and it all changes.

Transitions in the workplace are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean they are easy. Whether you work in a large or small office, new staff usually involves some sort of adjustment in company dynamics. While these changes can feel threatening, if possible, use them as an opportunity to make new allies or explore a new role. Make the change a change for the better! Here are a few thoughts on how to accomplish that. Continue reading

Career Advice: How to Be Comfortable in Front of the Camera

COLOURBOX9339043Being comfortable in front of the camera only used to matter to those who were planning on pursuing careers in television and film. The proliferation of online video as a marketing tool has changed this, making camera skills a requirement for practically everyone in the business world today. Even if you’re not vlogging or turning out videos touting your own company’s services, you may be attending an event or conference where you have an opportunity to be interviewed. Don’t let those butterflies cause you to pass up the opportunity to highlight your expertise to a wider audience! Here are a few tips on how to shine when the record button is on.
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Career Advice: A Conversation with Mr. Woodhouse


As you know, Emma Approved’s business is growing and changing. In order to ensure that I keep my business on track with all the recent restructuring, there is one person I knew I had to talk to. He has over forty years of experience running a profitable business, and can offer insight on every aspect of being an entrepreneur. In addition, there’s another role he handles successfully as well.  He is none other than my dear old dad, Mr. Henry Woodhouse! I invited him out to lunch a few days ago so I could pick his brain about his business expertise. I recorded the conversation and asked Harriet to transcribe the key pieces of the interview below. Enjoy!

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Career Advice: How to Attract the Best Employees

Future dreams of a woman

When you are in charge of a business or project, you want to make sure everything goes perfectly. Part of that is recognizing the realistic limits of your time and talents – there is only so much you can do by yourself. That’s why building a solid, dependable and innovative team is so important. But just as job candidates fight over highly sought after positions, employers must also compete over the best and brightest applicants whenever they have an opening.

You might think that it all comes down to salary when trying to attract the best employees, but the truth is that there are a lot of things you can offer besides money. Just as a job can be so much more than just a paycheck, a job offer can be an enticing package of perks and opportunities. Here are some tips on how to attract the best team money can’t buy.

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He Said/She Said: Emma and Knightley on Leadership, Inspiration and More!

SheSaid_HeSaidThanks to everyone for sending in their questions. You gave us some interesting things to think about during this transitional period with the business. And I’m sure you won’t be surprised to find out that Alex and I often differ in our answers. Enjoy!


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