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Clear Sighted

Harriet_Ep50_second1Harriet_Ep50_detail3 Dress: ModCloth  |  Heels: F-Troupe – Similar here 

With the success of her first official job as event coordinator behind her, Harriet comes into our new direction eager, prepared, and raring to go.  She is the eyes and ears of this office, and was instantly drawn to this adorable, full skirted, short sleeved, collared dress covered in a pattern of eyeglasses.  It’s fun, it’s kitsch, and still manages to give a studious, intellectual air.  And if ever there was a shoe designed to match, it would be these white leather, menswear-inspired heels with black bowtie laces.  Once again Harriet manages to express all that she is and all that she does with a few select statement pieces.  It’s refreshingly honest and a sight for sore eyes.  Get it?