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One Step at a Time

IMG_7245IMG_7259             Blazer: Aryn K – Similar here  |  Top: ModCloth – Similar here  |  Skirt: ModCloth                       Bag: Melie Bianco  |  Flats: ModCloth

Step 1 – Get an entry level job at a company you respect, hopefully working for someone you admire.
Step 2 – Decide what to wear. Start with a simple, loose and breezy, cream colored blouse with a delicate mesh neckline. It’s easy to wear, goes with everything, and gives the impression you can handle life with a carefree attitude.
Step 3 – Add a serous side by topping it with a straight cut, dark blue blazer that is professional and slimming.
Step 4 – Lighten things up with an adorable short skirt, complete with pockets, covered in bunches of tiny, colorful flowers. It speaks of youth, freshness, and new endeavors just beginning.
Step 5 – Pair with matching flats, because you’ll be doing plenty of running around while you prove yourself! These rose pink, faux leather moccasins are covered in a pattern of tiny cutouts and have whimsical, hanging tassels to add to the fun.
Step 6 – Be prepared to handle a large workload with a sturdy, briefcase inspired, vegan leather handbag. The warm caramel color trimmed in black matches adds to any ensemble and is practical as well as impressive in the workplace.
Step 7 – Get a promotion.

(There may have been a bit more between steps 6 and 7, but hey, who’s counting?)

Open Ended

Ep36-mainEp36-sub1              Top: Aryn KSimilar here  |  Pants: Flying Monkey  |  Heels: Shoe Republic LA, Lulu’s                      Clutch: Katherine Kwei

Sometimes, despite your best intentions, you just don’t know how your day is going to go.  You can plan and schedule to your hearts content but you better be prepared if the unexpected bursts through your door and blindsides you.  So when you’re picking out what to wear be prepared for anything!  To start, I love the structure of a geometric pattern and the simple balance of black and white.  This short sleeved top is draping, light, and easy to move in if your day proves a bit more physical than originally intended, but the high low cut is slimming and hides all your flaws.  Best of all is the flirtatious open back in complete contrast to it’s otherwise conservative nature. Paired with slim black zippered slacks and and these amazing white buckled sandals.  The heel is relatively low, the style demure, but the oversize buckled straps just scream for attention.  Finally, a punch of color comes in this small, structured, brilliant rose clutch.  Balance, in fashion and life, is everything.  No matter how hard it is to keep your own!

Suit of Armor

ep31_main (1)ep31_sub Blazer: Eliza J  |  Top: Aryn K – Similar here  |  Pants: Flying Monkey  |  Pumps: BCBGeneration   Bag: Katherine Kwei – Similar here 

Sometimes walking out the door and facing what awaits you is hard.  We all have methods of coping, and fashion is a common one.  We wear red to feel brave, sweats to disappear, and suits to gain a sense of control.  And even though I maintain my usual fierce fashion sense even under the toughest conditions, there are subtle ways I prepare for harsh, emotional winds.  Starting with this gauzy, army green blouse.  It may be translucent and soft, but it’s defiant copper beaded placket down the front adds edge.  Then, I layer it with a sophisticated, single button, black blazer. When there are things to fix, be prepared to roll up your sleeves. And if your sleeves are ruched, you’re one step ahead.  Next, I pull both pieces together with a pair of sleek black trousers accented with gold zippers at each ankle and black platform pumps sporting a metallic toe.  Last, I accessorize with a large, structured bag that combines black and gold panels in equal measure.  The more coordinated my outfit (in color, texture, and tone), the more I believe everything will work itself out for the best.

The Mystery of What to Wear

ep19-mainep19-subep19-sub1Top: Aryn K  |  Skirt: Aryn K – Similar here  |  Clutch: Lulu’s  |  Necklace: Vintage – Similar here    Heels: C Label, Lulu’s 

Houndstooth instantly gives a classic feel to any outfit.  It also brings to mind Sherlock Holmes and old fashioned detectives which can be inspiring, because some days that’s just what you need to be.  Whether it’s solving the needs of your client, investigating a potential romance, or researching the perfect holiday gift, we’re all hunting for clues and chasing down suspects on a daily basis. Have fun with this eye-catching pattern and add contrast by wearing a separate top and skirt. Then add sexy, deep red heels more suited to a femme fatale.  A sharp, gold statement necklace cuts through the facade and makes a point, while a woman’s purse hides her secrets. Exaggerate the effect by carrying a hard case clutch in a sleek black or a tinted translucent. Either one will keep the contents of your bag away from prying eyes and will give a mysterious glow when hit by the light.  In work or in love, always keep them guessing.  Just because you know all their secrets, doesn’t mean they need to know yours.



Lady Luck

Introducing the newly wed Mrs. Ryan Weston!  My very good friend Annie is always beautiful, with class and an elegant style that is true to her very soul.   To celebrate her natural loveliness and her brilliant new future I wanted to share some pieces from her current closet.  I may be the expert in dressing for the office, but Annie is the expert when it comes to embracing the one thing that can never be taught.  How to be a lady.

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