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Retro Mode

ep29_main ep29_sub (1)              Top: Lulu’s  |  Jeans: Articles of society  |  Boots: Sixtyseven  |  Bag: Lulu’s                     Necklace: Modcloth  |  Sunglasses: BP – Similar here

So yes, my big sister Izzy has been here for a week and it’s still influencing all my wardrobe choices.  But retro is in and nostalgia for everything, from portable record players to Polaroid cameras, is everywhere you look.  My absolute favorite is when it inspires fashion like this fun and bubbly, bright blue blouse with a geometric green and white pattern.  The dots and dashes remind me of the graphics from classic video games and brings back memories of trouncing Izzy every time we played.  Then, because color coordination is an inborn habit and a family trait, I emphasize my centerpiece with white fitted jeans and this fantastic find of a necklace.  A perfectly matching green and blue beaded bib with a touch of rhinestones for sparkle.  Since I was already feeling cheeky, I top it all off with funky, black leather cutout ankle boots, a pair of retro round sunglasses with gold accents, and an oversized black tote.  Influenced by the big purses that Izzy always carries. It’s awfully convenient to be able to carry everything with you and in this case stylish as well.  Whatever will I do when she’s gone?

Just Right

ep14-mainep14-sub3Top: Modcloth  |  Jeans: Articles of Society  |  Heels: Lulu’s  |  iPhone case: incase

Some days are simply perfect.  The weather is cool but not cold, you’re feeling calm but still glowing, and you head off to work knowing you can take everything in stride.  It’s a feeling you want to hold on to all day long and your wardrobe can definitely help.   Start with this fanciful, long sleeved, white lace top.  The gathered collar, peplum hem, and lace flowers are sweet and sentimental.  Perfect for appreciating what you already have.  And though it may seem innocent, the sheer sleeves and cinched waist make it clear you’re a woman, not a little girl.  Pair with rich burgundy jeans to add some baroque grandeur and these magical two toned heels.  Black vegan suede in the front, beige vegan leather in the back, and a gold plated ankle strap make these as kinky as they are kind.   If you still feel the need for additional sparkle, try a metallic iphone case as an accessory.  But nothing will beat the sparkle in your eyes.


Be Bold

ep12-main1Jacket: Lulu’s  |  Top: Lush, Lulu’s  |  Jeans: Articles of Society  |  Clutch: Irene’s Story              Necklace: Stella & Dot   |  Heels: Aldo

I’m always telling people confidence is key, and that starts with your wardrobe.  What you wear just sets the tone for the whole day, so if you want to take control of a situation, you have to be bold. Start with this crisp, color blocked, tan and and black tailored jacket.  The soft woven fabric mixed with strong lines and faux leather accents make it clear you can be tough and feminine at the same time.  The cropped waist is flattering and the peplum hem gives it flair.  Add some color with this cascading, V-neck burgundy top.  It’s loud but not as flashy as red, and it flows in contrast to the structured jacket.  Pair with skinny jeans or tight slacks to counteract the loose blouse and add heels.  Finally, grab a small no-nonsense wallet clutch that says you can run the world carrying nothing more than a credit card and a lipstick.  Because that’s just the kind of girl you are.


Keep it Simple

ep11-main ep11-sub2 Top: Lulu’s  |  Jeans: Articles of Society  |  Clutch: Stella & Dot  |  Necklace: Free People     Booties: Sixtyseven, Lulu’s

Dressing for the office can be more complicated than dressing for an evening out.  There are layers and everything needs to be thought out and coordinated.  So sometimes you just want to keep things simple.  Start with a flattering and comfortable top, like this army green tunic.  The collar and button-up style is appropriate for the office, while the sleeveless loose fit feels very free. Plus I love this color, perfect for gearing up for battle, such as having to perform unpleasant tasks as part of your job.  Pair with dark skinny jeans that are slimming and fit like a second skin and a professional, flat purse to hold all your important documents.  It’s also convertible, both a cross body and a clutch, depending on your mood.  Finally, add some personality with a few key statement pieces. Shoes with attitude, like these peep toe booties with cutouts and a bold beaded fringe collar necklace.   Remember, simple doesn’t have to mean boring and comfortable, it can still be flattering.  It’s all in the planning, just like life.

Red Celebration

ep9-main2 ep9-sub2 Blazer: Silence & Noise  |  Sweater: Zara  |  Jeans: Articles of Society  |  Shoes: Lulu’s                          Necklace: Love, Kate  |  Clutch: Stella & Dot 

Time to celebrate!  There’s a time for subtlety, and a time to pull out all the stops.  This fiery red blazer really packs a punch.  Whether it’s an interview or an important meeting, no one will doubt that you’re a powerful force to be reckoned with.  Black is a go-to for a reason, and this soft black sweater is sleek and slimming.  Top it all off with a black clutch and matching shoes.  Platforms, 5 inch stilettos as curvy as a woman should be and in a bright, fire engine red that pulls the whole look together.

Casual Friday

ep7-main ep7-subSweater: Remain  |  Jeans: Articles of society  |  Necklace: Love Kate  |  Ring: Forever 21    Heels: Aldo  |  iPhone case: Chevron

Time to relax!  Whether it’s casual Friday or popping into the office over the weekend, sometimes comfort is a priority.  But casual shouldn’t mean sloppy.  Instead of an ordinary sweatshirt, try this dressy and elegant knit sweater in pale blue.  The baroque inspired gold accents are almost regal, like something a queen would wear on her day off.  Or at the very least queen of the office!  Choose tailored, colored jeans instead of plain blue and your most comfortable, broken-in heels.  Even your cell should dress up a little, perhaps with this chrome and gold iphone case.  We all need to take a day off once and a while, but we should never take a break from looking our best

Seasonal Therapy

ep5-mainBlouse: Heartloom  |  Blazer: Aryn. K  |  Bag: Lancaster Paris  |  Jeans: Articles of society          Heels: Aldo  |  Sunglasses: BP.

You never know what you have until it’s gone.  When summer is at it’s hottest we wish it would hurry up and go away.  We long for jackets, sweaters, and boots.  Of course, the minute it’s over, we immediately dream of spring.  Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? This silky button down is bursting with happy florals.  The collar keeps it conservative while the keyhole feels as refreshing as a sunny day.  A bright, loose blazer in power pink keeps you warm without ruining the effect.  Finally add a shiny, eye catching, metallic purse and the transformation is complete.  Who needs spring to feel fresh and brand new?  That’s what your wardrobe is for.