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A Holiday Angel

ep18-mainep18-sub1Top: Tart Collections – Similar here  |  Skirt: Tart Collections – Similar here  |  Heels: Lulu’s            Purse: ModCloth  |  Bow Ring: Kate Spade

When trying to make an impression, either at work or on a date, you have to know your strengths.  Use your wardrobe to enhance your best features.  Not just your long legs or beautiful smile, but your sweetness or patience.  That’s why this outfit is so flattering on Harriet; because she is truly angelic.  A holiday skirt in subtle gold or silver quietly celebrates while helping display your inner sparkle.  Fitted and flattering and just the right length to show off your legs while preserving your modesty.  A delicate white blouse in chiffon or linen with short, fluttering sleeves helps create an air of innocence.  Add pale high heels that are tall enough to make the most of your figure but subtle enough not to distract and simple jewelry.  Finally, pick a colorful, lady-like purse with pizzazz that can be tucked out of sight or brought out for effect just like your quick wit or dry sense of humor.  Perfect for a day at the office, dinner at a romantic cafe, or a holiday party.  Or all three in one day with just one outfit!  Now that would be heavenly.