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Fortune Favors

IMG_7620IMG_7616IMG_7637 Dress: Lulu’s  |  Heels: Jeffrey Campbell  |  Ring: ModCloth

She may not have been on the auction block or booked a date for this weekend but Harriet is really pulling out all the stops with today’s ensemble! Not only is this ultra feminine and delicate, pale pink, confection of a dress utterly beguiling with its sweetheart neckline and ruffled straps but wait until she turns around! I have no idea where Harriet suddenly got so much courage but the back of this dress consists of a single ribbon across and nothing else. That’s pretty daring for anyone! Perhaps her bravado was inspired by her tiger shaped, gold ring which curls around her finger and stares at you with fierce, bejeweled eyes. Last, a pair of sweet, low heeled, white loafers with tasseled fronts. And the best part is, Harriet didn’t get all dressed up for anyone but herself. That’s really something to admire.

Behind The Scenes

Harriet_Ep54_main1Harriet_Ep54_second1 Top: ModCloth  |  Skirt: JOA, Lulu’s  |  Heels: ModCloth

Harriet may not have wanted to participate in the bachelorette auction but she looks so lovely, professional, and appealing in her pretty pastel office attire.  Her billowy, blush pink sheer blouse with pleats down the middle and below-the-elbow sleeves gives her a delicate, feminine look and perfectly pairs with this short, pale blue, pinstripe skirt that flares out in a way that would make a ballerina proud.   Last, a small burst of bright with sunshine yellow heels because Harriet is THAT happy not be put on display.

Check and Balances

Harriet_Ep53_main1Harriet_Ep53_detail2 Top: Myrtlewood, ModCloth  | Skirt: Lulu’s  |  Purse: ModCloth – Similar here | Heels: ModCloth 

Harriet is my friend.  She’s also my employee.  She’s also Alex’s employee and friend.  And she now assists Jane, while trying to befriend her, while trying not to neglect Alex or I. Whew! I never realized how many roles Harriet plays, and now that I do, I marvel at how she handles it all.  If clothes gives you confidence then there must be a secret in Harriet’s wardrobe that helps her be both flawlessly professional, and girl-next-door sweet.  Maybe it’s the standard white, silky, sleeveless blouse but with a surprising pop of bright yellow in the nostalgic tie collar.  Or the simplicity of a stretchy, fitted, navy blue pencil skirt with a whimsical scalloped hem.  Perhaps the clue is in her accessories?  Like these adorably magical, coral lace-up heels.  Or the way she brings it all together with this fun, fabric, navy and white striped bag with structured, vegan leather, brown trim.  Maybe, or maybe all these choices are just a side effect of being Harriet, and no one else could ever do what she does.

Clear Sighted

Harriet_Ep50_second1Harriet_Ep50_detail3 Dress: ModCloth  |  Heels: F-Troupe – Similar here 

With the success of her first official job as event coordinator behind her, Harriet comes into our new direction eager, prepared, and raring to go.  She is the eyes and ears of this office, and was instantly drawn to this adorable, full skirted, short sleeved, collared dress covered in a pattern of eyeglasses.  It’s fun, it’s kitsch, and still manages to give a studious, intellectual air.  And if ever there was a shoe designed to match, it would be these white leather, menswear-inspired heels with black bowtie laces.  Once again Harriet manages to express all that she is and all that she does with a few select statement pieces.  It’s refreshingly honest and a sight for sore eyes.  Get it?

In the Middle of It All

IMG_7209IMG_7220             Blouse: Lush  |  Shorts: McGinn  |  Vest: Everly – Similar here  |  Bag: Ollie & Nic              Necklace: Lulu’s  |  Heels: Bamboo

Harriet has definitely found her place here at Emma Approved! Seeing all her hard work and talent come to life last night, I think she finally realizes exactly what she is capable of. And like a girl scout, her motto is “be prepared”, even when getting dressed for the office. She starts with a draping white blouse that’s professional on its own but can also go with anything. Next she chose a vivid pair of loose, pink shorts that hang like a skirt but lets her move around freely. Then she tops it all off with a long waisted, blue, sleeveless vest that slims the figure and really pulls an outfit together. For accessories a floral, structured bag halfway between a briefcase and a purse, and chestnut brown heels with thick straps made from a series of smaller straps –  the same way Harriet can handle a whole lot of details that come together to make up a single event. But the best part is the jewelry, a bit of glamour in an otherwise casual outfit, with this blue rhinestone necklace. Harriet’s wardrobe, like Harriet herself, can adapt to every situation and work together in perfect compromise.

If the Shoe Fits

IMG_7378IMG_7410Dress: ModCloth  |  Barrette – Similar here  |  Updo: Tutorial here 

If there was ever any doubt in Harriet’s mind about deserving her new position as event coordinator, this party was all the proof she needed that it’s a perfect fit.  The night was enchanting and magical, and all because of her seamless planning.   And part of that planning was her look for the night.  A floor length gown in bright, optimistic blue with a sheer overlay as delicate as her feelings, but with a complicated series of knots around the neckline because nobody is that simple. The best part was her gorgeous, pincurl updo decorated with a sparkling, bejeweled barrette made of pearls.  The night was full of drama, adventure, and even a daring rescue but nothing was more impressive than watching Harriet stand at the center of it all and know that the entire event was of her creation.  She has truly become her own woman.


Pluck up the Courage

IMG_7277IMG_7274                Top: BLVD  |  Skirt: McGinn – Similar here  |  Bag: Orla Kiely – Similar here                          Shoes: Modcloth

Favor fortunes the brave, and we have to use a little bit of courage every day, whether it’s standing up for our ideas at work or wearing a daringly short skirt.  Harriet looks plucky, spunky, and full of pep in this adorable and colorful springtime assemble.  First, a seasonal staple with this abstract, artsy, almost-floral skirt.  A spectacular spectrum in shades of blue with splashes of coral, it’s perfectly coordinated with this retro, sleeveless, coral blouse.  This top certainly stands out from the ordinary, just like Harriet, with it’s bright white collar and prominently displayed front pocket.  Add to that pale pink moccasins decorated in tiny cutouts and a matching pink leather bag whose cutouts create a floral motif.  In this outfit Harriet really shows off how much she’s grown, learned, and all the thought she puts into planning.  All the while staying true to Harriet, perfect just the way she is.

Smooth Sailing

IMG_7172IMG_7185Top: ModCloth  |  Jeans: Lulu’s  |  Purse: Orla Kiely  |  Heels – Similar here

It can go either way.  This is Harriet’s first official job as event coordinator and although I have complete confidence in her, you can never predict the tides of change.  It might be calm, open waters or things could get a little rough.  But that’s okay too!  A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor, and new endeavors are all about honing your skills.  Harriet is definitely prepared, in more ways than one, starting with this wide open collar, breezy blue blouse covered in a pattern of serenely sailing schooners.  It’s simple, summery, and confidently says that today is just another day no matter what. This positive spirit continues with pale peach skinny jeans, and a boxy beige bag with intricate cutouts in a leafy design.  Finally, for a powerful boost, a pair of strappy, black platform pumps that will ensure you and your clients always see eye to eye.  Clearly Harriet’s not worried and neither am I.  We got this!

Reading Between The Lines

IMG_7101IMG_7107 Dress: Lulu’s  |  Shoes: Bamboo  |  Necklace: ModCloth – Similar Harriet’s pick & Emma’s pick    Purse: Ollie & Nic 

If a new position and job title wasn’t enough to handle, getting some surprising news on the personal front can be a lot to take on all at once.  But like always Harriett impresses me by being calm, collected and steady as they come.  She’s got this, and I must admit she does look pretty together in her latest outfit.  Another in her growing collection of fun and theatrically bold skater dresses, this time in cream with thin, navy blue, horizontal stripes, she told me it reminded her of  sheet music and inspired her all day long.  Next, pretty yet practical, I’m a big fan of these thick heel sandals in chestnut brown.  Made from vegan leather, with a pattern of tiny cutouts, I nicknamed them the perfect “strolling around Tuscany”  shoe.  And if that wasn’t romantic enough, a floral mint satchel with impressionist influences of blush, sky and lavender.  The ideal mix of old fashioned sweetness that can still function as a business tool.  Finally, a bit of charm and comfort finds a way to top it off with Harriet’s pale green, teapot pendant.  I think this outfit makes it clear that Harriet knows exactly who she is and likes herself that way.  For the record Harriet, so do I.


One Step at a Time

IMG_7245IMG_7259             Blazer: Aryn K – Similar here  |  Top: ModCloth – Similar here  |  Skirt: ModCloth                       Bag: Melie Bianco  |  Flats: ModCloth

Step 1 – Get an entry level job at a company you respect, hopefully working for someone you admire.
Step 2 – Decide what to wear. Start with a simple, loose and breezy, cream colored blouse with a delicate mesh neckline. It’s easy to wear, goes with everything, and gives the impression you can handle life with a carefree attitude.
Step 3 – Add a serous side by topping it with a straight cut, dark blue blazer that is professional and slimming.
Step 4 – Lighten things up with an adorable short skirt, complete with pockets, covered in bunches of tiny, colorful flowers. It speaks of youth, freshness, and new endeavors just beginning.
Step 5 – Pair with matching flats, because you’ll be doing plenty of running around while you prove yourself! These rose pink, faux leather moccasins are covered in a pattern of tiny cutouts and have whimsical, hanging tassels to add to the fun.
Step 6 – Be prepared to handle a large workload with a sturdy, briefcase inspired, vegan leather handbag. The warm caramel color trimmed in black matches adds to any ensemble and is practical as well as impressive in the workplace.
Step 7 – Get a promotion.

(There may have been a bit more between steps 6 and 7, but hey, who’s counting?)