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That Special Glow

IMG_8697Top: ModCloth  |  Shoes: Lulu’s  |  Jeans: Similar here  |  Bag: Similar here

Who says maternity has to mean giving up your favorite stores! Not that you can’t get some gorgeous. designer maternity clothes nowadays but shopping in pregnant-lady-only stores isn’t always convenient because you can only wear them in the short term. But Annie does everything right, always, and knew that if you buy loose fit tops a few sizes up you can continue to wear them after the baby is born.  Especially while you try and lose that baby weight. Case in point, this simple and casual button up blouse with a light blue, grid pattern that gives it texture and helps distract from her baby bump. She wore it with low rise skinny jeans that goes under her belly so no elastic waist is required! Then a sturdy pair of brown strappy sandals she borrowed from me, with so many crisscrossing straps that her shifting weight is held secure and a large, roomy tote for all her pregnant lady on the town needs. From handling a friendship to expecting her first child Annie always knows just what to do, and looks beautiful doing it.

Mother (with a) Superior Sense of Style

IMG_7846             Dress: See U Soon – Similar here  |  Heels: Similar here  |  Necklace: Similar here                   Wallet Clutch: Suggestion here

Annie Weston is a saint. Even when pregnant she is the most understanding of friends and the most forgiving person I’ve ever known. No matter how much disappointment she is forced to put up with. And even when pregnant she has an elegance and effortless beauty that is unparalleled. Since the baby shower we threw for her was early enough she could still avoid the maternity clothes and opt for this loose and flowing, black and floral, silky shift dress. The short, leg showcasing skirt is so distracting you’d never notice she was pregnant. Plus the sharp contrast between colorful flowers and plain black in the center creates the impression of a waistline where there is none. A day-to-night look that is complimented by her neutral heels, simple black wallet clutch, and this decorative yet streamlined necklace with a tightly packed row of mint colored stones. No matter what Annie has a grace and poise that I truly envy and admire, and will spend my whole life trying to achieve. No matter how often I fail to live up to it.

Settling In

IMG_7908IMG_7909Blouse: ModCloth  |  Ring: Comme Toi  |  Bag: Lulu’s

The other day my best friend Annie, soon-to-be greatest mother in the world, stopped by the office to discuss plans for her baby shower. She keeps insisting that it’s too early for a shower, but I know better! She already has that gleam in her eye, and I know for a fact that she’s started picking out things for the baby’s room. Her nesting instinct is already taking over and she could not look more cozy and content in her outfits lately. Her light and draping blouse is the ultimate in hippie-chic, perfect for early morning baking, then taking a break to play with the baby in a garden of sunflowers which perfectly match the floral details along the neckline. And if that wasn’t a celebration of nature, her adorable gold ring in the shape of a beetle certainly does the trick. Paired with comfy, well worn, fitted jeans and neutral heels she makes the whole look simple but flattering and sophisticated. Last, a basic, tan, vegan leather, structured bag with indispensable, easily accessible side pockets. Perfect for a woman who has her hands full, or is about to!

Trade Secret

Annie_ep56_main1Dress: Cotton Candy | Bag: Lulu’s

Annie is so good at choosing the right fashion and accessories to suit her personality, look, and body type. She always has been. So it’s no wonder I never noticed that she had a secret! All month she’s been wearing loose and flowing shift dresses that show of her mile long legs but hides her waistline. Not that she’s showing yet, but it’s all in the mind. Once again she picked a winner with this elegant, flowing, dark blue sundress covered in contrasting white and pink flowers. Paired with a simple, white, vegan leather tote that she borrowed from me last week and she looks so stunning that it can distract even the keenest eye from anything she might be hiding.

Tickled Pink

Annie_ep54_main1Annie_ep54_detail2Dress: Lulu’s  |  Shoes: Lulu’s |  Purse: ModCloth – Similar: Here
Necklace: Lulu’s

Welcome back to the fashion blog Mrs Annie Weston!  My-oh-so lovely, oh-so-charming, and oh-so-glowing with newly wedded bliss best friend has graced us with her fabulous presence once again.  Stunning as always in this silky, bright pink, long sleeved, shift dress that loosely skims her figure in the most flattering of ways and stops short to show off her mile long legs. But that’s not all!  This is a summer dress that helps you stay cool with an open back and flirtatious criss crossing straps.  More summery touches include strappy sandals with wooden heels and laser cut, brown faux leather that looks almost woven; and a western style, brown suede drawstring purse with fringe accents.  Finally a simple, subtle, double looped necklace made of gold chains and bars. I am so so happy that Annie stopped by! Even though getting married has clearly given her rose colored glasses, wanting to see couples everywhere she looks.  Although… rose colored glasses WOULD go with this outfit.

Happily Ever After

ep23-main2ep23-subDress: Ladakh, Lulu’s  |  Heels: Nine West   |  Clutch:  Lancaster Paris

If there’s anyone who deserves a happy ending this year it’s Annie, the kindest, most grateful, steadiest person I know.  So after a year full of surprises, hard work, and emotional confusion that’s exactly what she got.  A picture perfect, glowing future bursting with color and possibilities. What better way to celebrate then at the Emma Approved holiday party with her new husband on her arm and wearing this opulent brocade dress with a full, flirty skirt full of fun.  Jewel tones and golden accents take this dress from day to night, with a fitted bodice and bold black outlines that speak of a woman who is sure of her choices in life.  Shiny gold pumps add just enough shimmer, and the pink leather clutch is an eye catcher but doesn’t compete as a focal point since Annie knows what matters most and to not let anything get in the way.  A perfect end to a perfect year, and I’ve never seen her look happier.


Perfectly Perfect

ep22-main2ep22-subDress: Tart collections Similar here  |  Bag: Lulu’s  |  Heels: Charles David – Similar here

There’s nothing like a bride coming back from her honeymoon.  The relaxed look, the beaming smile, and that glow that’s more than just a tan.  Annie never looks anything but perfectly put together, and her outfit, while appropriate for a California winter, still captures the feeling of a honeymoon in Greece.  A form fitting yet conservative dress with a high neckline, white color blocked shoulders, and a geometric pattern in varying shades of blue.  The texture looks like marble and the endless shades make me think of the ocean and sky.  To tone down the summer feel she added a very fall, very metropolitan, structured tote in black faux leather with a herringbone pattern and classic black pumps.  Annie is always an inspiration, her desserts are to die for,  her clothing always well chosen, but happiness is clearly the best accessory!

Lady Luck

Introducing the newly wed Mrs. Ryan Weston!  My very good friend Annie is always beautiful, with class and an elegant style that is true to her very soul.   To celebrate her natural loveliness and her brilliant new future I wanted to share some pieces from her current closet.  I may be the expert in dressing for the office, but Annie is the expert when it comes to embracing the one thing that can never be taught.  How to be a lady.

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