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Emma said/ Harriet said: Things We’ve Learned From Each Other

Emma & Harriet

Today’s post is another classic “She said/ She said”…but with a twist! We’ve had plenty of blogs where two people debate a particular topic, allowing readers to see things from different points of view. But conflict is not the only way to learn from another person; caring can be just as powerful a motivator.

Given that idea, I’ve been thinking a lot about how important friendships can be. How a positive influence can inspire and enrich who we are and how we see the world. To illustrate this, Harriet and I decided to list three things that we’ve learned from one another, and that we feel have made us better people. Because without Harriet by my side this last year, I don’t don’t know who I’d be today. And I’m not so sure I would like the Harriet-less version of myself!

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Life Advice: Making Time for Friendship

tired businesswoman

We live in a culture that values not just success, but how quickly we can attain it. Often, this pursuit of achievement means putting friends aside to focus on work or school. I am all for targeting what you want and doing what you need to get ahead, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of sacrificing your personal relationships. Even at the busiest of times there are ways to stay in touch and let those you love know you care about them. Here are a few thoughts on making it manageable.

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Life Advice: Father’s Day Gift Guide

Twinkle Toes de Lux fathers day

Father’s Day is just around the corner, so if you haven’t already picked out a gift for you dad, it’s time to get cracking! You all know how close I am with my father, so I wouldn’t dream of letting the day go by without a special acknowledgement of how much I adore him and how much I appreciate all that he’s done for me over the years. Here are a few suggestions for ways to show your dad, step-dad, grandfather, uncle, or whomever it is that fulfills that role in your life just how glad you are to have them around.


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Career Advice: A Conversation with Mr. Woodhouse


As you know, Emma Approved’s business is growing and changing. In order to ensure that I keep my business on track with all the recent restructuring, there is one person I knew I had to talk to. He has over forty years of experience running a profitable business, and can offer insight on every aspect of being an entrepreneur. In addition, there’s another role he handles successfully as well.  He is none other than my dear old dad, Mr. Henry Woodhouse! I invited him out to lunch a few days ago so I could pick his brain about his business expertise. I recorded the conversation and asked Harriet to transcribe the key pieces of the interview below. Enjoy!

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Life Lessons from TV and Film: Dealing With Frenemies

Heathers (1988) Winona Ryder , Lisanne Falk, Kim Walker, and Shannen Doherty

Image from Entertainment Weekly

According to Wikipedia, a frenemy refers to “someone who pretends to be a friend but actually is an enemy—a proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing in the world of friendships.” These relationships can be extremely destructive, creating a pervasive sense of unease and ultimately eroding your self-confidence. And because the frenemy often comes in the guise of collaborator or confidante, the reveal of their true nature can leave you with painful feelings of betrayal. In my experience, I’d much rather know that someone has it out for me from the beginning.

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Sibling Relationships: Tips on Transitioning to Adulthood


web_COLOURBOX3417146My sister is in town, and we’ve been having a blast! It’s wonderful to have someone in your life that you’ve known – literally – forever, and can share your deepest hopes and fears with. Siblings are the only people who have experienced growing up in the same household, with the same traditions, events and annoyances. A simple phrase, taste or physical gesture can bring back years of history in an instant. But sharing that frame of reference can also have a few drawbacks. We all grow and change, and it can be difficult for siblings to move beyond the roles we assumed when we were children. If brothers and sisters want to have successful adult relationships with one another, though, we need to be able to embrace the people we have each become. Here are a few thoughts on making that transition.

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Sticking Together: Ways to Support Your Girlfriends

BEST-FRIENDS-WOMEN     Image from Huffington Post/Getty Images

I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of strong female friendships. It’s crucial to surround yourself with women in your life who support and encourage you on your journey to fulfill your potential. Friends who see qualities and talents in you that you may not even see in yourself. Too often, women are pit against one another as competitors and made to believe that if someone gets ahead, everyone else has to get left behind. Instead, we should be helping one another by pushing and challenging each other to find the very best versions of ourselves. There’s room for everyone at the table of success. I’ve written about how to support your girlfriends during their wedding planning; here are a few other ways to help those you are close to when they may be in need of some extra TLC.

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