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Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction Profiles

The big day is just around the corner! The Emma Approved Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction for Human Rights is taking place this weekend, and we have a very impressive lineup to choose from. Click through for a small sample of the lovely, talented and socially-conscious people who are donating their time in support of human rights.



Don’t forget: if you are unable to attend the auction, the Emma Approved team is also participating in an online fundraiser to support human rights organization 27 Million. It looks like Mr. Knightley is going to win our friendly competition by a landslide, but we still have from now through this weekend to aim for second place.

UPDATE: We regret to announce that Frank Churchill had to withdraw from the event due to unforeseen circumstances. He passes on his apologies and encourages people to support the rest of the team in the auction, or donate in his name in the online fundraiser.

Support Human Rights with Emma Approved

Emma Approved’s new mission to better the world is off to an audacious start with our next high-profile fundraiser: a bachelor/bachelorette auction to support human rights. Four members of our team – Emma Woodhouse, Alex Knightley, Frank Churchill and Jane Fairfax – will be participating to raise money for advocacy group 27 Million, in partnership with El Pozo de Vida, in an effort to fight human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

If you can’t attend the benefit, there’s still a way you can help. We’ve set up an online fundraiser with Everyday Hero, where you can make donations in the name of your favorite Emma Approved team member. The person with the highest total at the end of June “wins,” but all donations go toward the same goal – helping 27 Million raise awareness and advocate for victims of human rights abuses.
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Career Advice: How to Work with Nonprofit Organizations

Betsy-UhrmanWhen making a change in your life, one of the things I often suggest is reaching out to experts in your chosen field for guidance. Here at Highbury, we try to follow our own advice whenever possible – after all, how can I ask you to trust me if I’m not myself willing to do the things I ask you to do!

As we continue to prime the company to shift its focus to working with nonprofit organizations, Harriet was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to sit down with Betsy Uhrman, Senior Consultant at NPO Solutions. Ms. Uhrman has given us some fantastic insights into working with nonprofit organizations – this interview is a must read for anyone who is thinking about or already doing so! And for those of you just beginning your careers, she’s also got some good food for thought on how to get started and what you might expect once you go to work.

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Quiz: What kind of volunteer are you?

Team Of Volunteers Picking Up Litter In Suburban Street

When people first decide to volunteer for charity or a non-profit organization, they focus all their time and energy on picking the perfect cause. But in addition to picking an organization you believe in to volunteer for, you should also spend some time figuring out what you’d like to be doing there. Believe it or not, it might not be related to your job skills, education, or your usual role among your friends and family. Just because you are an accountant who helps all your loved ones with their taxes, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider picking up a hammer to help build a house. Volunteering can be a fantastic opportunity to broaden your horizons and do some of the things your personal and professional life may not allow.

It’s easy to be very gung ho about helping the world when you first start volunteering, but as career and family pressures kick in and leave little room for extra curricular activities, helping others can take a back seat. Charities need consistency, and one of the best ways to ensure that is to make sure the people working with them are enjoying themselves. Here is a quick quiz to help you decide what comes naturally to you and what kind of volunteer activities you might enjoy most.

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Creating a Better World: Celebs, Brands and Charity

eif revlon walk:run

Image from EIF Foundation

Any time I start a new project, I try to immerse myself in the world of my client. It’s my job to become an expert in their circumstances so that I can pair that knowledge with my instincts and figure out how to best guide them down the road to excellence. Now that our company is headed in a new direction, I’m applying the same philosophy to the work we do here. I think our team at Highbury is incredibly talented, and has the ability to do something really special that will make the world a better place. So what better way to move forward than to treat ourselves like our own client?

We live in an era when it has become fashionable for celebrities to use the media attention they receive to shine a spotlight on causes they are passionate about. One of my first research projects for this new era at Emma Approved is taking a look at these endeavors, including how fundraising events are structured, how the celebrities participate and the ways that brands partner with charities. If I were Alex Knightley, I’d call it doing a competitive analysis, but that just sounds way too boring!

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