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Enter Our Make Your Life Better Style Contest


This is a sponsored post made possible by ModCloth. Thoughts are my own.

Fashion can give your life a lot of meaning, The perfect outfit can be a powerful tool, a mood changer, or an expression of who you are. I’ve always used fashion to create an image of myself, for myself. Choosing outfits that say, “This is who I am”. Great for facing the world head-on, and making it easier to look in the mirror.

Very recently, I started making some major life changes. But rather than give myself a makeover to reflect the new me, I looked to my wardrobe as inspiration for the new me. Classic values with a modern edge. Colorful, lively, daring, bold and fun. Warm, friendly, and approachable. Someone who makes people smile the way my wardrobe makes me smile. Most of all I want to inspire people, to dress for the life they want. But now I’m looking to YOU for inspiration.

We’ve partnered with ModCloth to host our first contest on Emma Approved, the “Make Your Life Better” style contest!  We want to know the look that makes your life better, the outfit that makes you feel the most you.

The contest runs from now until August 14th. One winner will receive a $150 ModCloth gift card and be featured on the Emma Approved blog. Click here for full details.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Boxx is Emma Approved


I’m thrilled to announce that Emma Approved is planning the official opening for Boxx – the hottest celebrity-owned restaurant opening this summer. This world-class farm-to-table establishment is non-GMO, organic, all-natural, sustainable and seasonal, and a portion of their revenue goes to environmental charities.

Our star-studded event will be taking place on July 23 at Boxx’s premiere location in the Hills, complete with decadent gourmet food and a stunning view of the city. Everyone from the Emma Approved offices will be attending, along with my friend Frank Churchill (for real this time) and some other notable guests. Not to give anything away, but I can guarantee that this will be a night to remember.

Check out Boxx’s website,, for more information.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction Profiles

The big day is just around the corner! The Emma Approved Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction for Human Rights is taking place this weekend, and we have a very impressive lineup to choose from. Click through for a small sample of the lovely, talented and socially-conscious people who are donating their time in support of human rights.



Don’t forget: if you are unable to attend the auction, the Emma Approved team is also participating in an online fundraiser to support human rights organization 27 Million. It looks like Mr. Knightley is going to win our friendly competition by a landslide, but we still have from now through this weekend to aim for second place.

UPDATE: We regret to announce that Frank Churchill had to withdraw from the event due to unforeseen circumstances. He passes on his apologies and encourages people to support the rest of the team in the auction, or donate in his name in the online fundraiser.

Welcome, Jane!

welcome sign

Emma Approved is thrilled to announce our newest destined-for-greatness employee: the one and only Jane Fairfax.

Jane is taking on the role of Business Development Consultant as part of our new mission: to better the lives of people around the world through social and environmental causes. With her Masters Degree in Social Policy from Oxford and her efficient, no-nonsense attitude – plus an extra dash of Emma Approved confidence and style – Jane will be the perfect addition to our team.

“I appreciate the opportunity to focus on some of the serious issues facing modern society,” says Jane.  “And … strive for lifestyle excellence.  And work on my fashion sense.”

“I can already tell this is going to be a unique challenge for me,” she adds.

2014: A New Day…or Should I Say Knight(ley)?


Welcome back everyone.
Hope your holiday celebrations were a blast.

It’s a new year, so we’ve got some new things happening on the blog. Emma is taking a break for personal reasons, so I’ll be filling in.

I’m new to this blogging thing – I’m usually more of a behind-the-scenes kinda guy – but I thought maybe it would be helpful to our readers to offer a different point of view on “upgrading your life.” Even though Emma thinks all I do is fill out spreadsheets and that I’m not of any use in the advice-giving department, I think that some of you might enjoy hearing about doing things in an organized, methodical fashion when you want to attain a goal.

So send me your questions either by posting on the comments or contacting me via twitter @AlexKnightleyEA. You can ask me about all the topics we cover on our site – relationships, professional life, cooking. Just not fashion. I don’t think any of you want me advising you on that.