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Life and Career Advice: How to Negotiate and Compromise


Regardless of how much we plan and organize, sometimes life throws things our way that we have no control over. And when those things are in direct opposition to the goals we are trying to accomplish, the ability to negotiate a compromise is a valuable skill. Here are a few thoughts on finding common ground that can be applied to both your professional and personal life.

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Trade Secret

Annie_ep56_main1Dress: Cotton Candy | Bag: Lulu’s

Annie is so good at choosing the right fashion and accessories to suit her personality, look, and body type. She always has been. So it’s no wonder I never noticed that she had a secret! All month she’s been wearing loose and flowing shift dresses that show of her mile long legs but hides her waistline. Not that she’s showing yet, but it’s all in the mind. Once again she picked a winner with this elegant, flowing, dark blue sundress covered in contrasting white and pink flowers. Paired with a simple, white, vegan leather tote that she borrowed from me last week and she looks so stunning that it can distract even the keenest eye from anything she might be hiding.