New Beginnings

IMG_8570 IMG_8683                    Top Blouse: ModCloth  |  Bottom Sweater: ModCloth   |  Pants: Similar here                    Sandals: Similar here

Hello everyone! Meet Maddy Bates, the newest member of the Emma Approved team! Maddy is a long time member of the Highbury Partner’s Lifestyle group with her own successful business, Bates Financial Services, and Emma Approved is just one of her lucky clients. How did we become one of the lucky few? Well, knowing her since I was born might have helped. But seriously, we were in need of some help and despite having a packed schedule Maddy swooped in to save the day. Because she has the biggest, most generous heart of anyone I’ve ever met. And her fashion sense has always reflected her larger than life personality and sense of fun. Starting with this adorable, black and white, button up blouse. Worn with trim black slacks it’s completely professional in both style and fit, and covered in a pattern of tiny hearts. Because if there’s one thing Maddy understands better than finances it’s how to love. And what can top that? Just this lovely, V neck cardigan in a glowing shade of honey yellow. It’s snug fit shows off her awesome curves and the color is as happy as a sunset and welcoming as a hug. Paired with black skinnies and casual summer sandals, this sweater is prettily put on display. Maddy’s fashion sense is just one of a long list of talents I hope to learn from her in the days to come. Thank you Maddy, for being my hero, and welcome to the Emma Approved family!