A Celebration of Love: Favorite Movie Kissing Scenes

We’ve given a lot of advice here at Emma Approved about healthy relationships and the personal work that goes into building them. Questions to explore before leaping into love, how to add some magic to your romantic life, ways to create balance in your relationships, and tips on maintaining your own identity when you finally find the right partner, just to name a few. If you’re new to Emma Approved, search our archive – you’ll find a treasure trove of helpful posts about love and romance.

But in the end, no matter how he asks you out or what you have in common (or don’t), a lot of it just comes down to chemistry. That glorious feeling that occurs when the two of you are together. There’s a reason they call it fireworks!! And nothing does fireworks quite like the movies! In celebration of the wonder of true love, here are some of my favorite kissing scenes. Please feel free to add some of your favorites in the comments.

May all of you have kisses in your life that are passionate, romantic, adventurous and sweet!



Breakfast at Tiffany’s

16 Candles

When Harry Met Sally

Slumdog Millionaire

Bridget Jones’ Diary

The Princess Bride

Regular Show – Mordecai & Margaret Montage


From Here to Eternity

Gone With the Wind

The Notebook

Dirty Dancing



My Girl

Lady and the Tramp

Little Manhattan


Adventurous with a Twist of Danger

**Not listed – Princess Leia & Han Solo – couldn’t find a video with the two of them kissing in even slightly decent resolution. If you can find it, please post it in the comments. It definitely belongs on here!


James Bond Kiss Montage


Spider-Man (2002)

Catching Fire Kiss Montage