IMG_7578IMG_7595                 Dress: See u Soon  |  Necklace: ModCloth  |  Heels: Lulu’s – Similar here                 Purse: Lulu’s – Similar here

Having a wonderful date can make a girl feel extra lovely. Spending time with someone who really appreciates you, cares about you, and takes the time to make thoughtful gestures like bringing you flowers can give you an extra glow the day after. Yesterday I spent just such an afternoon with the most important man in the my life, and today I woke up feeling like all was right with the world. So I chose this elegant shift dress in a soothing mint green with an overlay of floral designed, lady like, white lace. Then I accentuated it even more with this sunburst styled bib necklace made of matching mint green stones and miniature beads. A pair of nude heels with thick ankle cuffs will keep you secure if you’re floating on air. Finally, add a bright, sunny, yellow and white envelope clutch and your day could just not get any brighter. A successful event, happy clients and friends, and time spent with someone you love as you can only love your father. I feel ready to take on the world!