Know It All

Jane_Ep52_main1 Jane_Ep52_second1 Dress: Freeway, ModCloth  |  Heels: Similar here

Jane must have gotten some inspiration from Harriet and her many theme printed dresses. But, like decorating her office, she found a way to make it completely her own. For example, Jane is highly educated and knows something about pretty much everything. She is also more than meets the eye because once you get to know her you realize how much you don’t know. Which is why this particular dress is so perfect for her. At first glance this dark blue wonder with a sweeping full skirt and cinched waist seems to be decorated with stars and constellations, making one think of the mysteries of the universe and our fates being written in the stars. But upon closer inspection it’s actually depicting a series of colorful, perching owls who are often used as symbols for wisdom and knowledge. Worn with basic, neutral heels that make sure nothing distracts your focus and this dress manages to say so much, and imply even more.