Camera Shy

Jane_Ep49_wEmma1Jane_Ep49_main4     Blouse: ModCloth  |  Pants:  Dittos |  Purse: ModCloth  |  Sandals: Similar here

Meet Jane.  See Jane help Emma and Alex save the world.  See Jane avoid having her picture taken.

If you haven’t guessed yet this is Jane Fairfax, the latest and greatest addition to our team.  And while Jane is a lovely young woman with a natural and relaxed sense of style, she’s a wee bit uncomfortable in front of the camera.  You can tell from the way she dresses.  Elegant, simple, never trying to attract attention, but getting it nonetheless.  Starting with this sweet and sentimental, silky peach, collared blouse with a romantic lace overlay on the upper half.  Draped over fitted jeans she pairs it with an Indiana Jones-ish brown leather satchel and flat, nude sandals subtly decorated with beading.  Casual, professional, and ready for adventure.  Yep, that’s sounds like Jane.