Gift Guide: The Many Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Happy mother's day

It’s always a good time to be grateful for your life and thankful to those who have made it possible. So whether it’s soon to be belated or just getting an early jump on next year, here’s a few ideas for your next Mother’s Day present. However you celebrate, and no matter who you celebrate with, here’s wishing you a happy Mother’s Day from everyone here at Emma Approved.

Something you can wrap

Traditional gifts usually involve flowers, candy, or jewelry and they are tried and true favorites. If you live far away you can order flowers, candy, or gift baskets to be delivered from afar using online services. Or if you live nearby try for something more lasting such as planting a flowering bush in the yard so she can enjoy fresh blooms year round. If jewelry is what you have in mind make it personal with a charm bracelet decorated in hand picked charms celebrating her life and interests. Or celebrate your relationship with charms representing memories you both share. Either way you can even add more charms in the future. Harriet, our event coordinator, likes to use family photos as well as poems or quotes and turn them into actual, personalized books to send to her mother who loves to read.

Something you can do

Taking her out to a dinner or a show can be a night to remember, but when asked most busy moms say that what they really want is a day off. Something to make their lives easier or just a little bit of papering. So Annie, my best friend and a personal chef, brings her mother breakfast in bed staring her famous french toast and usually tops it off with a spa day. You could also book a night at a fancy hotel just for the change of scenery or hire someone to clean her house while you take her out to lunch.

Gifts that keep giving

Planting flowers isn’t the only way to make a present last all year. You can buy memberships for clubs featuring just about anything that deliver new surprises every month. That includes wine, beauty products, handmade crafts, coffee, food, books or audiobooks, art and fashion. Perfect for constantly reminding her that she is loved until next mother’s day rolls around.

Celebrate family

For some holidays like mother’s day is just another way to celebrate the entire family and what you mean to each other. You can do this with visual reminders like creating and framing a family tree using pictures of all your members (there are tons of creative ideas on pintrest for inspiration), or by helping complete the whole picture with a subscription to so your mom can learn more about where she came from. My business partner Alex and his brother once booked a professional photo session and make their mom laugh by recreating family portraits from their childhood right down to matching outfits and poses, then framed them side by side with the originals.

Be a family

Last but not least, in today’s long distance and busy world, one of the hardest things to do is get a family together all at once. So by arranging a complete family dinner or video chat, or even a combination of the two, you can make mother’s day feel like a major holiday and let her know how special she is by gathering all her loved ones together and giving the most important and precious gift of all. Time.