The Royal Treatment

E-Ep47-MainDress: ModCloth  |  Heels: BCBGeneration

This was definitely a night to remember but it also reminded me of something very important. No matter how people treat you, or what uncomfortable social position you are in, YOU are in charge of your own life. Queen of your castle and heroine of your own quest. So what better color for taking charge with regal grace then a deep purple evening gown, the color of royalty. No one can make you feel ignored with this spectacular yet subtle lace and sequin bodice. And you can never feel trapped, whether you are running around working or tearing up the dance floor, because beneath the gauzy, see thru, floor length skirt your slip actually stops at the knee. Paired with stately and elegant black pumps with a touch of metallic gold on the front, it’s the ideal gown for standing tall and taking charge.