Style Advice: Help on How to Do an Updo


Sometimes I miss the days of old Hollywood glamour where a night out was really something special.  But in today’s more casual world we have slacks on the red carpet and the same cocktail dresses worn at a gala that we see at a nightclub.  So in the end how do we make a big evening out different from our just-going-out attire?  One of the most common ways is with a hairstyle.  An elaborate, sweeping, and sparkling updo can turn any night into an event and any girl into a movie star.

Recently the entire office attended an engagement party and Harriet, our event coordinator, successfully created an intricate hairstyle that she has never done before.  The results were amazing, none of us had ever seen her look so mature and sophisticated before, but she had to put a lot of work and preparation into the attempt because it was just not her normal everyday.  And the truth is for all the fashion magazine advice columns out there, busy and ambitious working women of today simply don’t have the time to spend in front of the mirror trying out all the hair and makeup tips available to us.  So here’s some quick and painless advice on how to do an evening updo for that special occasion in your life.

Make it easier

We don’t always have the luxury of help and sometimes a curling iron and a stack of bobby pins just won’t cut it.  But thankfully there are an array of styling tools that have been created to help make french twists, ballerina buns, and elaborate braiding as easy as possible when trying it on your own.  I, for one, am all for any invention that aids in being independent.

Dress it up

If the results are pretty enough but still don’t quite make you feel like Cinderella, trying adding a bit of decoration.  A sparkling headband, a bejeweled barrette or hair combs, and depending on the occasion perhaps something a bit more elaborate like feathers or flowers.

Expert advice

And in the end, if you still just aren’t getting it right, don’t feel defeated!   That’s why there are experts like myself.  The internet is packed full of hair or makeup tutorials designed to give you step by step instructions on how to look like you’ve always dreamed just in time for a night to remember.

For example, check out Xteeener and her easy, expert advice below!  In fact, I think this might be one of the women who helped out our Harriet.