Ready or Not

IMG_7160 IMG_7169Top: Lush  |  Pants: Modcloth  |  Purse: Lulu’s  |  Wedges: Similar here

The first day with a new client is always a surprise.  You’re just getting to know them and you never know quite what they are looking for.  Should the tone be formal or laid back?  Fun or serious?  Will it be a hard, arduous labor or a breeze?  So for today’s meeting I decided to be comfortable and flexible, but with a lively and energetic feel.  However to achieve such a combination, you ask?  Start with a pair of loose, artistically patterned pants, slim at the ankles, covered in thin black stripes and adorned with rose gold, zippered pockets.  Then for contrast, a soft, pale blue, sleeveless top.  The color is demure and inviting, but the series of cutouts along the shoulders echo the edginess of the bottoms.  A pair of black wedge sandals, made up entirely of thick black straps can be both summer time casual and definitively bold.  Finally, as always, I like my accessories to stand out on their own.  So I toss into the mix a bright, neon coral purse. It’s shape is ladylike but the color has the upbeat optimism of a teenager. So whatever happens today, I’m more than ready.  Bring it on!