Reading Between The Lines

IMG_7101IMG_7107 Dress: Lulu’s  |  Shoes: Bamboo  |  Necklace: ModCloth – Similar Harriet’s pick & Emma’s pick    Purse: Ollie & Nic 

If a new position and job title wasn’t enough to handle, getting some surprising news on the personal front can be a lot to take on all at once.  But like always Harriett impresses me by being calm, collected and steady as they come.  She’s got this, and I must admit she does look pretty together in her latest outfit.  Another in her growing collection of fun and theatrically bold skater dresses, this time in cream with thin, navy blue, horizontal stripes, she told me it reminded her of  sheet music and inspired her all day long.  Next, pretty yet practical, I’m a big fan of these thick heel sandals in chestnut brown.  Made from vegan leather, with a pattern of tiny cutouts, I nicknamed them the perfect “strolling around Tuscany”  shoe.  And if that wasn’t romantic enough, a floral mint satchel with impressionist influences of blush, sky and lavender.  The ideal mix of old fashioned sweetness that can still function as a business tool.  Finally, a bit of charm and comfort finds a way to top it off with Harriet’s pale green, teapot pendant.  I think this outfit makes it clear that Harriet knows exactly who she is and likes herself that way.  For the record Harriet, so do I.